Moaning Brits Cancel Holidays to Spain`s Costa del Sol over Face Mask Fines

Moaning Brits Cancel Holidays to Spain`s Costa del Sol over Mask Fines

Brits just Love to Moan- even the kids! image- Wikipedia

A few British Holidaymakers have reportedly cancelled their trips to the Costa del Sol Spain after hearing about the fines police are handing out to “mask flouters”.

Let’s face it, there are always people who will moan about anything, the glass-half-empty brigade. I shook my head in disbelief when I heard a small minority of British holidaymakers had cancelled their bookings to the Costas, Europe’s most famous and first destination for millions of tourists each year.

Spain is the safest country to visit in Europe

Spain has outshone most of the world in its quick reaction to the coronavirus crisis, we should all be thankful to the Spanish government for that. The recently introduced mask law is absolutely necessary to stop any further outbreaks- just look at Barcelona, pictures flooded social media of mask flouters strolling along the paseo, now they are suffering the consequences. That is NOT happening on the Costa del Sol, the police are being very vigilant, so vigilant in fact they were issuing fines hours before the new law to wear masks came in!

Spain is clean- “deep” clean!

Spain is safe to visit, bars, restaurants, and even beaches are thoroughly disinfected regularly, hotels even have a Green safety certificate on display to put customers’ minds at rest. Airbnb have also insisted that any villas, apartments, or houses for rent in Spain for rent MUST be deep cleaned between occupation.

Spain is welcoming-“Hola”!

You will never beat Spanish hospitality, after decades of welcoming travellers from all over the world the Spanish know how to make you welcome! The unique thing about Spain has always been that the vast majority speak English, its custom made for British holidaymakers, to many, it’s their second home. Indeed, it is so beloved, that thousands have bought a second home here and just as many have made Spain their home by retiring here.

Moaning Brits Cancel Holidays to Spain`s Costa del Sol over Mask Fines
Spanish waiters are always smiling and happy to serve you-I miss Manuel, don’t you? image: Wikipedia

Spanish waiters have a reputation for being polite, jovial, and sometimes downright hilarious, they are glad to see you and welcome you into their place of work, something you would hard-pressed to experience in old-blighty I’m sure! Above all, it is this area of the hospitality industry that has suffered the most during the crisis, already on a low income, the “camareros” survived mainly on tips from grateful customers, that has now all gone.

Spain is brilliant Value- “Cheap as chips”!

Over the past few years I’ve carried out price comparisons between Spain and England so it will come as no surprise when I say SPAIN IS CHEAP!, you just can’t beat it for value, sure, over the last few years, prices have risen slightly, but so has everywhere else- the gap is still large.

A few British Holidaymakers have reportedly cancelled their trips to the Costa del Sol Spain after hearing about the fines police are handing out "mask flouters".

Cigarettes, Booze, Food, Leather Shoes, Watches…the list is endless (ok, I shouldn’t mention the watches) but they make great holiday gifts nevertheless!. image: Flickr

The Moaners and the Groaners- they exist everywhere!

It’s true, some people just like to moan, we have all met them over the years haven’t we, if they found a fiver on the floor they would moan why it wasn’t a 10 or 20! If it was a cool day with a breeze on the award-winning beaches of the Costa del Sol, they would moan it’s too windy and wish they hadn’t come. If it was a lovely hot day they would say ” I’m burnt to a crisp, this is ridiculous, can’t they turn the heat down?

This article was supposed to highlight the case of a few isolated British holidaymakers who cancelled due to the mandatory mask law, I checked the “Facts about Masks” in the UK,you get fined there too,  and so I came to the conclusion that Spain is a great place- we are better off without the Moaners! TW


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    • Denis Calvert

      19 July 2020 • 06:46

      I read your article and to say that waiters in this country when you go to their place of work do not welcome you is rubbish I have experienced very little problems. I have ever experienced off hand treatment in the Costa in various bars and been over charged in one our two places. Has for wearing masks I would not like to walk around in 30 plus heat trying to breath through the mask your supposed to be on holiday. It sounds to me that your fighting for beach space fighting for restaurant seating and fighting to breath. Don’t get me wrong I have had some great holidays in Spain but now is not the time to travel to places with all these restrictions which are quite right and proper to protect us from the virus

    • Martin

      19 July 2020 • 11:15

      Question: A group of 6 student friends of my step daughter are visiting the Costa del Sol soon. They have a minivan and are staying together. They also share a house in Manchester back home. As they live together my understanding is that technically they don’t have to wear masks when driving (correct me if I’m wrong) but how do a group of twenty somethings prove that to the police if stopped? (the police won’t understand, or won’t want to understand, and they’d be fined is my guess so they better wear masks all the time?)
      Question: My partner, her daughter, and myself live together half of the time, but my step daughter’s registered address is her natural father’s house as she stays there when not with us. Again, technically she does live with us but what is her “living with” status as far as the police are concerned if we get stopped together in the car. (I think I know… the police will be confused and we’ll be fined if we’re not wearing masks)

    • John mclean

      19 July 2020 • 13:35

      If they won’t obey the law which is there to protect everyone then good riddance to them we don’t want them here

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