Masked or Unmasked

HOW many times have you walked out of your front door in the last few months without a mask on and only realised that you didn’t have the damn thing on when you arrived at your destination?

If I had a Euro for each time I have done that I would be a lot richer than I am now.

I have personally been stopped and reminded by the police about wearing a mask but thankfully, I haven’t been fined. One of the policemen who stopped me didn’t actually have a mask on himself which I thought was rather odd, but I didn’t comment, obviously!!!

The effectiveness of masks is not in any dispute scientifically. Scientists across the world are happy that they do stop the spread of the virus by limiting the trajectory of particles leaving the mouth and hitting other people.

So, we know, from those who are “in the know” that they are an important aid in stopping the spread of the disease along with washing our hands regularly and social distancing.

What I would like to know is, why is it alright to sit down and take off our mask to have a drink with others? This is what makes me doubt that masks are a real life saver.

One thing is for sure! Walking in the streets in high temperatures under a blazing sun leaves me breathless in no time at all. I don’t suffer with asthma but I do have some breathing difficulties caused by ill health, but I haven’t asked the doctor for an exemption certificate because I don’t like being glared at by all and sundry. What’s more, I don’t fancy being stopped by the people on every corner!

I decided to make my own masks. I had cut some jeans down to shorts. I used the piece of leg that I had cut off to fashion some masks of my own that match my new shorts. It is easy to find a pattern online and they take just a few minutes to sew. The pattern I used is to be found at

You can print the pattern on your printer and cut it out and then pick any material that goes with your favourite outfits. Remember to make a thinner lining for the inside of it and you will need some wire from a hardware shop for the nose piece.

They are simple to make … so get going!

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After travelling and living around Europe, Nell landed in Spain and absolutely loves this country. She likes to write about positive things and covers international positive news. It´s all about positivity, with Nell.

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