It’s time to rewild our little ones, and maybe ourselves!

WE are all guilty, even as adults, of being seduced by the T.V, computer consoles, mobile phones and social media sites. The biggest difference though between us and our children is that we look back on our childhood and remember a time playing in the parks and in the woods and having a freedom which in today’s society they sadly miss. It’s time to rewild our little ones.

Around the world, a new concept is gaining momentum and it’s called ‘Rewilding’.

“The planned reintroduction of a species into a habitat from which it has disappeared in an effort to increase biodiversity and restore the health of an ecosystem” Merriam – Webster dictionary definition.

Projects are being set up to reintroduce children back into a habitat from which they have almost completely disappeared called the great outdoors!

Aimed to inspire children to climb trees in the woods, to run on the beach, swim in the sea, scramble over rocks, splash in muddy puddles, pick wild fruits, grow fresh vegetable, light fires ( under supervision of course), make slingshots, to go outside, get muddy, make friends and fall in love with nature again, in the real world and not on a screen!

“At no time in human history have children spent less time outdoors. Attention deficit disorders, obesity and a variety of other physical and emotional ailments can be attributed to a decline in exposure to the out of doors and the natural environment.

Richard Louv, the author of Last Child in the woods, explains it’s not attention deficit as such but nature-deficit which is a direct link to these disturbing childhood physical and mental health issues.

“Time in nature is not leisure time; it’s an essential investment in our children’s health (and also, by the way, in our own).” Richard Louv

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Charlie Loran

Manchester born mummy with a two year old diva (2020), living on the Costa del Sol for just short of a decade.
Former chef and restaurateur, holistic health fanatic and lover of long words.

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    • vincent backhouse

      02 October 2020 • 21:28

      As a child I loved being out in the countryside. I was always shooting something. I tried to pass on that love to my sons but unfortunately school got in the way. School taught them that trees feel pain. Don’t chop down trees for firewood. Health and safety means don’t climb them either.They teach the children to sit at a computer and play away their free time killing Aliens. Artificial Intelligence will take away future jobs and skills won’t be needed. Maybe children will learn to ride a bike, but could end-up pedaling it in a gym. All this is government sponsored of course, paid for with our money. Failing to comply gets us into trouble with the Law. “Welcome to Agenda 21.”

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