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Dear Euro Weekly News,
In reference to the article about article Britain Finally Launches its COVID-19 App- After Four Months Delay!

Amazing! I live in North Yorkshire but the first news I get about this very important app is from EWN, an English news source based 1200 away miles in Spain! My iPhone purchased in July came with the app pre-loaded but I have had to wait three months for some numpty in London to find the switch.

I guess it’s my own fault for residing 220 miles north of Watford Gap, or it may be yet another example of “Bumbling Bojo strikes again”

Seriously guys, many thanks and keep up the good work with your fine newspaper.

Mike Orton


EWN would like to thank Sally Rose from Mallorca who called us recently to thank the team for changing the size of the text in the Codebreaker. Sally had called us before as she and her friends were finding it difficult to read the text in their much-loved puzzle.

Well, we would do anything for such a loyal reader so we hope you enjoy it, Sally!

Law and order

Dear Euro Weekly News,

The Spanish police are not bullies and are just keeping law and order, unlike the UK police who are taking the knee, with law and order on the backburner.

I notice that the Chinese Communist Government who were warned by Dr Li of Covid 19 being contagious last November, did nothing to contain it, covered the truth up and acted far too late to stop its rapid worldwide spread.

All we see is the media daily blaming Boris, Trump, Macron etc for the problems the Virus has caused and never mention the CCG.

Remember that it took 10 years to eradicate smallpox, so please be patient until a vaccine is perfected to combat Covid 19.

Brian Johnston
Benalmadena Costa

Hands off!

Dear Euro Weekly News,
What’s this?! No more elbow bumps? It has taken me months to perfect mine with my friends without one of us making an embarrassing or badly timed move.

I do understand that countries like Spain, France and Italy where people greet each other with any number of kisses or close contact could be prime spreaders for the virus.

Are we to believe that hip-hoppers, fist bumpers, high fivers or lesser-known shoulder nudgers are all banned from their specialist rituals?

All joking apart, a nod or a wink or even just a hearty “Hello!” should suffice.

I bet the Free Masons are panicked, how will they manage without all the special handshakes?

Yours in jest
Johnny Lloyd


Dear Leapy,


I just read your feature in this week’s Euro Weekly

When I say unbelievable, I don’t mean what you say, but because apart from a minority of us on Twitter, you have said what we all know.

The news, specifically sky, but I am informed BBC and ITV, avoid any references to black people killing people in the UK.

There is no condemnation of BLM violence or defacing property.

There is no mention of the Asian grooming gangs raping and killing young white girls etc.

I knew Comcast had taken over SKY. But who funds them? Who is paying the press association? Why is the tory government doing nothing about the boat people? Modern slavery in Asian sweatshops?

“Gaslighting” is probably an understatement.

Best regards
David Smith

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