How to stay mentally and physically healthy!

Getting through the day can sometimes be difficult, and sometimes trying to balance life is an uneasy task. Physical and mental healthy are extremely important. Try these tips to lead a better life!

However, staying healthy in both ways can make your life simpler and more enjoyable. Here is a How to stay mentally and physically healthy!

  1. Drink WATER!

Yes, this may seem like a strange tip, but making sure your body is hydrated is a huge step in making sure you’re healthy. Humans are made up of 60% water and we should be drinking between 2 and 5 litres a day. Not only is water good for you internally, but it also shows on the outside. Your skin will look and feel better, it allows you to maintain a certain weight, and prevent wrinkling of the skin. Drink water, you will feel better!

  1. Get a hobby!

Getting a hobby is not just good for you physically but also mentally. Keeping your brain active can help you avoid any unwanted thoughts. By keeping fit you are allowing yourself the space to grow as a person. You may find that the hobby you choose you are extremely good at. The hobby could be anything from knitting to playing football. There are endless options when picking the hobby that is right for you. Always keep your mind open to learning new things.

  1. Go outside!

Take care of your skin by using sun creams and moisturisers but do try to go outside! Exposing yourself to the fresh air and sunlight, increases serotonin. The happy chemical as you could say! Avoiding sunlight can bring your mood down majorly. Even if you have a hobby that is outside you are still getting some sort of fresh air. This doesn’t only help your mood but can help you physically too. Just as long as you stay protected

  1. Spending your time right!

Spend your time with the people you love and cherish. Don’t waste your time on people that will do nothing but bring you down. Surround yourself with good energy, it makes a massive difference to people’s moods when they are in an uncomfortable or awkward situation. If you want to be loved and feel wanted then this is the best tip for you. Sometimes it may mean you have to rid yourself of toxic relationships or friendships, but it is worth it if you want to be genuinely happy!

  1. Get a routine!

This has been a piece of advice that you have most likely heard all throughout your life, well this tip is here for a reason. Nowadays many of us live stressful lives, and don’t know how to balance their work lives, social lives and private lives. Make sure when you get home from work, you are able to disconnect, this will go a long way!

Separating your working life from your social life can be hard, but when you get home it is your time to rest and recharge. Switch your devices off, live in the moment, and sleep when you need and have to. Instead people feel the pressures of having to go home and continue working, constantly sitting on their phones and laptops and missing special moments. If you do not need to work when you get home, then don’t!

  1. Sleep!

Please, get your necessary sleep! This small yet effective tip will be your life saver. Disconnect, like the tip above, switch off your devices, live in the moment and SLEEP! Do not go on electronic devices before bed or you will either struggle to sleep or have a very broken sleep. You will never be mentally or physically healthy if you do not give your body enough time to heal. Sleep gives your body the necessary time to process all of the events that have happen in your day, fixes aches and pains and also helps you get ready for the day ahead.

  1. Speak to people if you need to!

I cannot stress this point enough! Sit down, breathe and if you feel overwhelmed then talk to someone you feel comfortable with. Whenever you are feeling down, there is always at least one person around you that is willing to help you get through whatever you need. All you have to do is, ASK! Some people may just notice when you are upset but some can’t if you try your best to hide it. Let your emotions in, feel whatever emotions you need and want to feel. Don’t deprive yourself of being human.

If you feel you have no one that will be able to relate or you don’t feel comfortable speaking to then there are always professionals.  Use help lines, or therapists or even GP doctors that can send you to someone else. This is usually a big step in being mentally healthy, you will feel one hundred times better if you let out your feelings instead of keeping them in. It may not feel like it at the time, but it will always get better. Take you mental health seriously!

  1. Accept yourself!

Express yourself, learn about yourself and more importantly accept yourself. Do not be afraid to be who you really are whether that is; your sexuality, gender, race or age. Whatever it is do not be embarrassed. The world we live in today is a very accepting community, and you should not deny yourself of being truly happy. Each day you will learn that you are a beautiful person, you are constantly growing and changing. Learn to accept yourself, no matter how slow the process is.

Thank you for reading this article, “How to stay mentally and physically healthy!”. We hope you enjoyed this, and that it can prove to be helpful. For up-to-date news and upbeat stories, visit the Euro Weekly News website.

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