COVID-19 cannot be spread through surfaces

Studies have shown that COVID-19 can’t be spread through surfaces. A new understanding to how the disease spreads and how you can avoid being infected.

A professor of study, Monica Gandhi, has exclaimed that there is no longer an issue with surface spreading. Many of the population have been worrying about people catching and spreading the disease through; touching door handles, tables, elevator buttons and so on

COVID-19 has proved it is not always strong enough to stay alive on surfaces long enough to infect people. The main rules the population had to abide by at the beginning of the virus was; hand-washing, avoid touching your face and surfaces along with the masks and social-distancing.

It has now been shown that social-distancing and masks are more important the original rules of hand washing and trying to avoid touching your face and surfaces. Although it does help, as it keeps everything clean, the spraying of surfaces is not overly important.

The spreading of the virus mainly comes from the sneezing, coughing and talking of people carrying the virus. You can quite often see some symptoms of COVID-19 around the fifth or sixth day of having the virus.

However, it may sometimes take up to two weeks to understand the severity of your symptoms. So, many infected people are walking around possibly not being as careful, taking their masks down and hugging people, not realising they are spreading it.

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