Are we having a worldwide catastrophe?

UK cinemas are closing – another sign of the economic catastrophe happening worldwide.

The reason is that yet another studio has pulled another potential blockbuster, to be shown next year, instead of this year. So far the new James Bond and Mission Impossible are two of the 30ish that have been put back. This is a disaster in so many ways. The spiral effect is going to be no cinemas which means nowhere to show the movies. This means no revenue to make the movies which plays right into the hands of Netflix, Prime and Apple. See the connection? They are all online companies and will now be in control. Of course the talent that appears in these movies will also be affected. At the moment movies aren’t even being made because of Covid. Maybe the conspiracy theorists aren’t too far off saying it’s all a plot.

Talking about conspiracy theories, there are a serious amount about regarding Covid. Here’s a few to choose from–5g-not sure how a virus travels via a mobile network. Bill Gates-this is a Q Anon one. You really need to check this scary mob out. It escaped from a Chinese lab-slightly more plausible than some of the others. It was developed as a biological weapon in China. When China heard this they came back with their own theory that it was theUSA that imported it into China. This one’s a biggy from the likes of David Icke and Alex Jones-two absolute nutters as far as I’m concerned: COVID-19 doesn’t actually exist, but is a plot by the globalist elite to take away our freedoms. Early weaker versions of this theory were prevalenton the political right in the notion that the novel coronavirus would be “no worse than flu” and later versions are now influencing anti-lockdown protests across several states in the US.

Because believers increasingly refuse to observe social distancing measures, they could directly help to spread the epidemic in their localities and increase the resulting death rate.This is their theory not mine. The point I’m making is nobody actually knows what’s going on but whatever it is it’s grinding the world to a halt and I’m fed up with it all. By the way didn’t Donald Trump recover the quickest anyone has ever recovered since the epidemic started? There’s a few conspiracy theories about that too!!

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