Breaking News – Elders of Sweden to live a normal life again

Sweden could be slackening their rules for the older people, in an attempt to let them live a ‘normal’ life again! Breaking News – Elders of Sweden to live a normal life again

Although Sweden’s COVID-9 cases re increasing, the government have decided to let their older citizens (over 70’s) experience a more normal life. For many months Sweden have advised their older people to abide by social distancing and to shop online instead. However, that advise is for everyone in Sweden, for the population to be more careful.

Most of Sweden’s COVID-19 related deaths have happened in care homes.  In spite of Sweden using social distancing and online shopping they have not yet gone into lockdown, or closed down schools or any bars or restaurants.

The older people were told to stay at home for their safety, to keep in contact with family and friends online. They were told not to use public transport along staying in the bubble of the people at the care home, or in their own homes.

The restrictions set in place for Sweden are similar to most places, do not socialise in big groups, social distance and wash your hands! Unfortunately, Sweden have had the highest number of deaths in Scandinavia at 5,918. However, now the deaths per day are minimum.

Many people in Sweden have mixed opinions about the way the COVID-19 restrictions were handled, many believing if stricter rules were set in place many people that have passed away would still be alive now. Sweden may not have had a lockdown but they remain searching for ways to help the COVID-19 cases decrease, they have thought of  ‘herd immunity.

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