Mother kills 3-year-old daughter with hammer

A mother has killed her little girl, aged three with a hammer after overdosing on antidepressants. Mother kills 3-year-old daughter with hammer.

Father, Vladamir walked into his house to have lunch as normal and devastatingly found his little girl lying in her own pool of blood. Natalia Petunina, her mother has been arrested after hammering her child, Lisa to death in Kirovgrad, central Sverdlovsk in Russia on October the 16th of 2020.

The father called the ambulance as soon as he saw his brutally beaten child, when they arrived tried very hard but could not save her. After the paramedics were not able to save her, police were called to investigate. The post-mortem of the little girl showed she was hit on the head many times with a hammer. After realising what the mother had done, she tried to kill herself, however, paramedics got to her in time and the doctors are trying to keep her alive.

If she is found guilty, she will be given around twenty years in prison, for the murder of a minor. Natalia Petunina suffered from depression and had been taking antidepressants. On the horrific day of October, the 16th she decided to take a larger amount than usual, and clearly caused her to act in such an aggressive way, ending in her taking her own daughters’ life.

Many have described the attack as completely unexpected as Petunina was always well dressed, never drank alcohol and always took great care of her daughter. However, relatives did disclose how scared Petunina was of ambulances and police cars along with other fears.

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