My last grump of the year

Narcissistic Donald Trump is like the boyfriend you never wanted your daughter to have because you knew he was a no good low life and she finally dumped him only for him to then turn into a stalker and sit outside her house with a telephoto lens, go to her workplace and follow her everywhere then slagging off her new boyfriend on social media with nonsense and lies.

By now even his ‘friends’ think he has gone too far, telling him to leave it because it’s done. But because he is a narcissistic ego-maniac he just won’t listen. He’ll probably carry on ‘til law enforcement take him away and lock him up.

Another thing bothering me is this whole fake news thing. I watch lots of different news stations and it fascinates me how they show something, and I can see with my own eyes what’s happening.

They then go back to the studio and there are four people, who have just seen the same thing, and each of them has a completely different opinion on what just happened. So now there are six versions – their four, mine and what really happened before some clever editing because I’ve just switched channels and seen the same video pre-edit and also from two different angles.

These news stations are no longer reporting the news. They are now selling their biased versions of events. So now I don’t believe anything I hear or read and have started doubting what I see too.

My life is totally run by women. My wife, my daughter, both of whom I don’t have a problem with. Nearly all my doctors I see or at moment speak to by ‘phone are women and they are all great.

The three I have a real problem with are Siri, Alexa and my sat nav. My sat nav is continually telling me to go here, go there, make a U-turn as soon as possible and then declaring I’ve reached my destination when I can see I obviously haven’t! Siri just keeps telling me she can’t help with that and Alexa just pipes up every now and again for absolutely no reason whatsoever. But she does make me laugh when I ask her to fart. If you have a childish sense of humour, try it!

This is my last grump ‘til the New Year so Happy Holidays and we’ll talk about Covid then!



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Written by

Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.