A true example of double standards

A true example of double standards

BEYONCÉ: Made an acceptance speech at the Grammy awards.

IF you ever wanted a true example of the double standards that are rife in the UK you needed to look no further than singer Beyoncé’s acceptance speech at the Grammy awards last week. “I would like to thank all the black Kings and Queens, who have made this all possible,” she gushed, as she received the award for her latest album entitled ‘Black Parade’!

I mean you couldn’t really make it up. Had this been a white artist, giving thanks to ‘white’ Kings and Queens for buying an album called White Parade, it would have caused an international outcry. As it was there have been no recriminations whatsoever; particularly from our illustrious heavily biased media.

Social media was a whole different ball game. Thousands of people vented their anger at this display of blatant racism, which actually sums up just what is wrong with the UK today. With the left heavily favoured by the popular media, the social pages are often (hopefully) the only way to get to the truth of the matter. Are our illustrious news channels so truly out of touch that they simply have no idea of the mood that prevails with the majority of UK citizens – or is there something more sinister taking place?

Of course, it is possible that they are actually so arrogant they feel that their actions are perfectly reasonable and in tune with public opinion – well I don’t buy it; I believe they are perfectly aware of what they are doing, and their motives glaringly obvious.

In Communist countries, the state and the media work hand in glove. This is why, when you look at any coup in history, the first institutions that are commandeered are those of the media.

Left wing success is almost always coupled and achieved with social unrest. With the humiliating rout of the Labour party in the last election, the media have simply reverted to type. They are perfectly aware of the racial tensions that prevail in the UK; subsequently, under the guise of promoting diversity, they are actually doing their best to widen the black/white divide by creating as much hostility and civil discontent as possible.

The examples are glaringly obvious. Utterly disproportionate over exposure of black actors and interviewees on TV. Unwavering support of the much despised ‘knee,’ BLM and the doctrine of ‘woke.’ Minimal or detrimental coverage of any right wing protests.  Unfavourably edited reports of any public demonstrations which cause disruption and undermine the police. Failure to overly condemn the desecration of our statues and the Union Jack.

Blatant efforts to give British involvement in slavery top priority – while giving a minimum of coverage to the thousands of British lives lost in its efforts to eliminate it, and criticising government policies at every opportunity. The list goes on and on.

It’s a devious, long term conspiracy to take the next election for Labour. The young are falling for it. Thankfully they are not yet the majority.

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      27 March 2021 • 12:02

      Divide and rule is Putins main weapon, he knows Russia cannot win an outright war with the west but if he can create division he can then break down law and order and diminish patriotism.

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