Marbella Council Improves Calle Granados

Marbella Improves Calle Granados

Marbella Improves Calle Granados. Image: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

MARBELLA Council has announced it is improving Calle Granados.

The council said it will improve Marbella’s Calle Granados.
According to Marbella council, it is carrying out works to the road, including improvements to its pedestrian crossings.
It said: “Marbella council has started a series of new works on Calle Granados in Puerto Banus to guarantee safety in terms of mobility and revitalise the area.”
Councillor for Works, Diego Lopez, said: “The objectives are to improve the quality of life of residents and offer the best image of our town to the thousands of tourists who pass through this enclave throughout the year.”
He added: “These actions are in addition to others that we promoted at the end of last year.
“We have carried out a general inspection of the street from Avenida de Las Naciones to identify all deficiencies.”
Lopez said the plan includes fixing pavements and kerbs, as we well as improving pedestrian crossings.
He said: “The pedestrian crossings will be adapted to the current accessibility regulations, first demolishing the pavement and kerbs in poor condition and subsequently creating the road elements again.”
He said the council would also improve 20 tree areas.  He said: “We will proceed in the same way, cleaning up the root area and paving to improve the safety of the area.”
He added: “With this municipal programme of actions we are managing to significantly improve these spaces, achieving a safer and more comfortable town.”
He said the council wanted the town to look good for tourists.