Criticism of Lack of Accountability from Sanchez Over State of Alarm

Sanchez rules out requests for a curfew and closure of nightlife

Source: Wikimedia

CRITICISM is being levelled at Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez over a lack of accountability over the state of alarm.

The prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, is facing criticism over a lack of accountability over the state of alarm.

According to Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos, Pedro Sanchez is facing criticism over claims he has not faced political accountability over Spain’s state of alarm.

Critics are accusing the prime minister of a lack of accountability after he last year extended the state of alarm to six months from the normal 15 days set out.

The politician is also being slammed for only giving three hours of speeches over the state of alarm in six months.

Pedro Sanchez has now said that the state of alarm in Spain will end on May 9.

The current state of alarm was put in place last year for a period of six months, until May 9.

The decree establishes restrictions for the movement of people that the autonomous communities have been applying. Among these limitations have been the curfew to limit mobility at night and the perimeter closures of autonomous communities, provinces or municipalities, as well as confinements of certain areas.

Unlike the state of alarm of the first wave of the pandemic a year ago, the current decree grants more decision-making power to the autonomous communities through the Interterritorial Health Council, where decisions are agreed between the government and the Health councillors of the different regions in what the central government has called “co-governance.”

Spain’s prime minister has now said the government does not intend to extend the state of alarm beyond May 9.

He said: “The objective is that it is not necessary to extend the state of alarm. We want May 9 to be the end point of the state of alarm.”

On May 9 the Interterritorial Health Council will have full powers to establish possible measures against the virus without having to abide by the state of alarm decree.

Sanchez said that despite the planned end to the state of alarm he was still calling on people to be careful.

The news comes as the prime minister has also said has plans to administer more vaccines in an effort to improve tourism.