How to Create a YouTube Channel to Grow Your Brand and Make Money

Video Marketing is gaining momentum. There are various channels where you can inform people about your brand, services, and skills in video format. However, there is still one that never loses its fame – YouTube. According to Wyzowl, YouTube remains the most used platform for marketers. Also, (same source) 89% of video marketers intend on incorporating YouTube in their 2021 marketing strategy. Google’s statistics state that 70% of users purchased from a brand after watching a video on YouTube. This is a bit of information to motivate you to finally promote your business through the YouTube channel if you are still in doubt. The article suggests some tips on how to gain a solid profit from your channel.

Create an account

Well…it might sound strange since almost ⅓ of the population on the planet watches YouTube. So, if you have an account that you use for educational or entertaining purposes, it is highly recommended that you create another one – a business YouTube channel. For this, you might want to separate your business Google Account from the private one. The instructions are the same.

Make it noticeable

The idea is to have your channel easily found among the others who offer look-alikes services or products. It should have a catching name in general, the one that communicates its purpose clearly. The videos ought to stand out among others. Therefore, your main task is to come up with “for-sure-clickable” titles. Moreover, mind graphic elements. Use pictures that are aligned with your brand identity (color, theme, objects). Find an image converter to have your pics fit in harmoniously on your channel.

Let Google accept the channel

Let Google accept the channel

Your YouTube channel has to be optimized so that Google searches reveal it to those seeking it. Whilst making up titles and descriptions, you should not only attract people but also please search with keywords. Also, keywords should sound in videos as well. Remember about using tags, hashtags, hyperlinked citations for the key details, organized playlists, etc. Growing your brand and making money on YouTube is virtually impossible without the audience. For the audience to find it, it is inevitable to follow SEO rules.

Mind quality

Posting videos on YouTube is quite an art. Making a video no longer requires professional equipment and a studio (if you can afford it, why not). A minimal set of tools along with the right light are already the winners. Also, it will be extremely ideal to have no construction site with all the banging sounds interfering with your shooting a video. Make sure to watch for the right length. Usually, your video material should not be long and boring. The gist of your message should be placed in the beginning. Preferably, implement an elevator pitch style for the videos to encourage and entice people for learning more.

Target with relevant information

Target with relevant information

Naturally, video marketing pursues ROI going up. To make this happen your YouTube channel has to have the right proportion of videos targeting potential buyers on various stages of their buying journeys. Because the one that is supposed to generate leads will have no benefit for the regular customers (and you should care about those equally enthusiastically). As well as “40% discount on the third consultation” will hardly attract those who are still not sure about their first one.

To conclude

Video marketing boosts conversions since lately it’s become more convenient to watch through, rather than read through. Marketing with videos on YouTube provides by far a mightier boost. Notwithstanding the size of your business, it is reasonable to create and promote your channel for the sake of generating leads, increasing sales, enhancing trust, and influencing the decisions of the customers (regular and potential ones).

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