European Justice States Equal Pay for Jobs of “Equal Value”

European Justice States Equal Pay for Jobs of "Equal Value"

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EUROPEAN JUSTICE states that equal pay should be applied to jobs of ‘equal value’. The Court of Justice of the European Union has indicated this Thursday, June 3, that equal pay between men and women can be applied to the performance of the same job or “of equal value”. This is situation came to light as a result of the complaint of some workers, part of them women, from supermarkets in the United Kingdom due to lack of equal pay.

The court suspended the proceedings on the claims filed by male workers, considering that its outcome depended on the outcome of the claims of the female plaintiffs in the main proceedings. In its ruling, the Luxembourg-based court ensures that the EU Functioning Treaty is not limited to situations in which compared workers of different sex perform the ‘same job’, but also extends to situations of ‘work of equal value’.

The case dates back to a 2018 complaint by a group of workers from Tesco’s distribution network, who allege that their work and that of male workers employed by Tesco are of equal value and that they have the right to compare their work with that of these workers, even though such work is carried out in different establishments.

As reported by La Opinion de Malaga, In this regard, the Court of Justice indicates that if the conditions of remuneration can be attributed to a single source, the work and remuneration of these workers can be compared even when they work in different establishments. Consequently, it defends that this provision can be invoked before the national courts.


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