How Europe Has Centralised Itself Within the Gaming Industry

Las Vegas is part of the imagination of every casino enthusiast. However, the United States gambling market isn’t the biggest one around anymore. Nowadays, the European Union represents 49.2% of the gambling market globally. Let’s have a look at what’s going on in the European market.
European Gambling Figures
Every country within the EU is free to legislate over gambling activities. Most of them accept online casinos, though. Online gambling makes 23.2% of casino revenue across the EU. This sector is growing at a pace of 10% per year, with projected revenue of €29.3 billion next year.
The European market is well ahead of the traditional American market. While land-based casinos are booming in America, online options get lost in legislation. Check a few other reasons that put the Old Continent ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to online betting.
Advanced Regulations
Many EU countries decided to legalize gambling completely and embraced bold regulations. Turns out that regulating is more effective than prohibiting when it comes to safeguarding user’s rights. In countries like the UK, government authorities oversee gambling activities, preventing scams. This kind of policy creates a safe environment for casinos to thrive.
High-Quality Competition
Because of strict regulations, getting a license to operate in the EU isn’t an easy task. Still, the prospect revenue from working in such a vast market makes an effort worthwhile. It results in plenty of top-notch casino options in the EU. The competition for dominance leads to a better offer of bonuses and promotions. That’s why European players usually get better deals than their American colleagues.
Online Gambling
European players have nothing to complain about the variety of online options. Online gambling is growing so rapidly that there are always new offers and casino bonus offers coming up. They are great ways to start your journey with a new operator and give you an incentive to keep playing. Usually you’re able to profit off the offers presented, however, it’s not a guarantee – gambling in itself is a risk to remember.
Sports betting is also allowed in most European countries, enjoying enormous popularity. Once again, effective legislation matters. Many states in the US are still trying to legalize this activity. Meanwhile, online casinos around Europe already accept sports and e-sports betting.
Mobile Gambling
Typically, desktops and laptops are preferred for gambling because of larger screens. However, the trend seems to be changing, with noticeable growth in mobile gambling.Online betting is expected to make up a third of all gambling revenue in the EU. Almost 45% of it is likely to come from mobile gamblers. Widespread access to high-end mobile devices and 5G internet is behind this trend.
Mobile Gaming
Safe and smooth regulations, allied to easy access to technology and fast internet, seem to be behind the success of the European market. In the wake of the global crisis, many sports events had to be canceled, and online games gained traction. Thanks to effective regulations, European operators and players were in the best position to reap the benefits.

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