Spain Has Largest Non-Heterosexual Population in Europe

Spanish Population Has Most Diverse Sexual Identities in Europe

Source: Pixabay/SatyaPrem

SPAIN has the largest non-heterosexual population in Europe. A total of 78 per cent of Spaniards declare themselves heterosexual and 12 per cent identify as other sexualities, which places Spain as the third country in the world and the first in Europe with the largest non-heterosexual population, while 10 per cent prefer not to express their sexual identity. Globally, 80 per cent of the population identifies as heterosexual.

As reported by, specifically, 6 per cent of Spaniards say they are bisexual, 5 per cent identify as gay and the other 1 per cent identify as pansexual, attraction regardless of the sex of the other person, or omnisexual, which is an attraction to all genders, amounting to 12 per cent of non-heterosexual compared to 11 per cent in Germany and the United Kingdom and 10 per cent in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

This data is provided from an Ipsos survey on the visibility and public perception of the LGTBI + collective carried out on a total of 19,069 people from 27 countries, which is published every year on the occasion of World Pride Day, which is celebrated on June 25. Ten per cent of those surveyed in Spain prefer not to express their sexual identity, one of the highest percentages in Europe, only surpassed by Germany with 12 per cent and Poland with 11 per cent.

Spaniards lead the European ranking in commitment and support for the LGBTI community in actions such as attending Gay Pride demonstrations. In addition, Spain is in third place with the most citizens in favour of homosexual marriage at 76 per cent, only behind Sweden with 79 per cent) and the Netherlands with 84 per cent. Regarding whether same-sex couples should have the same rights when adopting children, Spain once again ranks in the top positions, since 77 per cent are in favour, only behind the Netherlands with 83 per cent and Canada with 81 per cent.

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