82-year-old woman found dead in pool in Cadiz

82-year-old woman found dead in pool in Cadiz

82-year-old woman found dead in pool in Cadiz. Image: Junta de Andalucia

AN 82-YEAR-OLD woman has been found dead in the pool of a home in Cadiz.

The woman was found dead this morning, Wednesday, July 7, in Cadiz.

According to the emergency services, the dead body of the 82-year-old woman was found this morning in the pool of a house on Camino de La Mustaza in Chiclana.

Members of the Public Health Emergencies Company (EPES) called 112, at about 9.45 am, to request the presence of security forces and firefighters as there is a woman who has died in a pool. The coordinating centre notified the Local Police, Guardia Civil and the Cadiz fire services.

Health workers, who sent a Critical Care and Emergency Unit (DCCU) to the site, have confirmed the death of the woman.

It is not yet been announced how the woman died in Cadiz.

The news comes a 53-year-old man died when he drowned off a beach in Benicarlo, in the Castellon province, after allegedly jumping into the water to try and rescue two people who had shouted for assistance because they could not get out of the water.

Officials say they received a call at around 9am from an individual reporting seeing two people in the waters off Morrongo beach, in the town of Benicarlo, and that two other people had already been seen in the water trying to help them.

Health workers were deployed to the beach location, where their medics treated a man and a girl who had been rescued from the water, unharmed, but then, received another call reporting that another man been pulled unconscious from the water, so a unit was sent to the scene, along with a Primary Health care physician from the municipality’s health centre, however the man was pronounced dead at the scene following the incident in the Castellon area.