The coldest town in Spain hits zero degrees in August

The coldest town in Spain hits zero degrees in August

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THE coldest town in Spain hits zero degrees in August. For those who love a cold summer, there is a town in Teruel that has been given the nickname of the coldest town in all of Spain in summer.

The town in question is called Griegos and is located in the Sierra de Albarracin region, with an area spanning ​​31.77 km² and boasting a population of 138 inhabitants, according to data from 2020. Although its climate is the continental Mediterranean, the altitude of the town is what causes such low temperatures in this municipality. With an average annual temperature of only 7.5 ° C., it is 1,604 meters above sea level. Its winters are usually extremely cold and long, and on the contrary, the cool and short summers can even register temperatures below 0 degrees on some occasions. In winter temperatures can drop below -15 degrees, as reported by 20 Minutos.

The municipality has great tourist attractions that will surprise its visitors. The Church of San Pedro in whose construction there are still remains of the 16th century and the subsequent extension of the 17th century. Meanwhile, the Muela de San Juan is one of the most incredible viewpoints that can be found in the area to observe a beautiful panoramic view of the region. Also, visiting its well-known ‘House of Butterflies’ where lovers of insects will discover more than 2,000 specimens is one of the obligatory visits in the coldest town in Spain.


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