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BRINGING you the news you want to read, whether it’s about a local charity event or a far-reaching international issue, is our mission, and that’s why we think it’s so important to keep Euro Weekly News free for all of our readers.

Unlike other publications, we are, and will continue to be, absolutely free of charge, both online and in print.

There are no pay-walls, no restrictions, no limit to the number of articles you can read, we offer it all to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, totally free of charge.

Every Thursday, no matter what the circumstances, even throughout lockdown and all the difficulties we have faced throughout the past months, our print edition has been available to readers every single week, meaning that the news it contains is up-to-date and making sure we inform you of the latest changes.

Our team of writers work day and night to bring you the latest news from Spain and around the world, as it happens. If you can get the best stories with us for free, why would you want to pay to read them somewhere else?

As well as news articles, our website contains a wide variety of reports on different topics, as well as guides to what’s going on near you, and information about local businesses of all sorts, so you can always find whatever you need, from a restaurant and real estate to rent a car and remembrance services, we bring our readers and our advertisers together, so you need go no further than our pages to find what you are looking for.

Whether you choose to visit us online or pick up the paper, you will also find our popular free puzzles every week. We know for a fact that they’re a favourite amongst our readers, who often flick to that page first.

The solutions can be found online too, and now, you can even do the puzzles on your phone, tablet or computer, meaning that they can be completed on the go.

All for free! Our passion is giving our readers what they want, with no limits, 24/7… we are there whenever you need us, and we offer total access to all of our content. 

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