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Litigation in Spain

In White Baos Lawyers, we can assist you in dealing with your court claims in Spain. If you have a query, you could check our website, and the area of litigation in our link: https://www.white-baos.com/en/servicios/litigation-civil-jurisdiction-consumers-real-estate-litigations-claims-against-the-builder-tenancy-disputes-community-of-owners-etc/

We can offer you, some different services related to litigation:

Actions against developers/banks in Spain arising from unfinished or delayed construction projects

At White Baos Lawyers, we are able to assist you in making a claim against the developer, and that we have a great deal of experience in this kind of legal action.

Where a developer has not fulfilled their contract and if the lack of fulfilment is sufficiently material in order to allow you to rescind the purchase contract, you will be able to ask the Court to effectively annull the contract.

You can check this service in our website: https://www.white-baos.com/en/servicios/litigation-civil-jurisdiction-consumers-real-estate-litigations-claims-against-the-builder-tenancy-disputes-community-of-owners-etc/actions-against-developers-banks-in-spain-arising-from-unfinished-or-delayed-construction-projects/

Claims in respect of negligent/defective building work

If you have problems with the construction of your property or in your community, you may have the possibility to claim against various parties involved in the building process even if your builder has disappeared. If you are in any of the mentioned, scenarios you may be able to claim against the architect, technical architect, Insurance Company (Ten Year Insurance Policy), etc

For more information check our link:


Consumer and Banking law

We  can also assist you in claim against banks for the sale of investment products, floor caluses, multicurrency loans, etc.

Litigation in Spain

As specialist lawyers we can assist you in your court cases in Spain.

So at White Baos, we can give you advice as claimant or respondent in Spain. So, if you need our assistance, in a court case, and if you need the representation of a professional lawyer before the Spanish courts, contact us at : www.white-baos.com

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