The agent fees – The contract with the real estate agent

contract with the real estate agent

At White Baos Lawyers, we have advised on many occasions, sellers, buyers and real estate agent in their negotiation of the agent contract, but also, in front of the court.

When the agent has the right to get paid

The agents are not responsible for the whole process of the sale. Only to put in contact vendors and buyers. So, if the sale does not go through, the agent could be entitled to get paid their fees.

For this reason it is essential to get the advice on these matters from expert lawyers, like White Baos Laywers.

Consumer and user laws

But, we cannot forget that the client of the real estate agents are normally consumers. Therefore the consumer and user rules applies to their contract.

So, it happens quite often that the agent contract is not clear or simple, and could not be easily understood by the clients.

And other times, even being clear, they are not transparent, that means that the clients has not been informed properly about their consequences, etc.

In this case, the clause or the contract itself, could be declared abusive.

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