Israeli tech mogul Gil Rabbi on how storycards engages the Internet

Storycards - The Zero Codes Affair

Companies are turning to no-code platforms to build engagement solutions for marketing, commerce, and beyond; welcome to the 21st Century.

These tools put business users in the driver’s seat of custom application development projects with little or no coding skills required.

The goal is to give employees with line-of-business knowledge the ability to conceive, create and deploy custom applications.  A no-code platform removes the complexities of coding so users can focus on developing the right solution for the right business problem.

So, what is ‘no-code’?

A no-code platform has low barriers to entry for business users that want to create apps without programming. These platforms allow developers and non-developers alike to build engaging apps with prebuilt capabilities.

Starting with simple templates, end-users can drag and drop an app together, add their own content to the templates, or improve on existing apps.

Introducing Storycards

Storycards is like a storyteller’s magic carpet that whisks you to an awesome world of custom engagement products. This Israeli-based start-up uses engagement boosting technology, to help you increase the time your users spend on site.

According to its inventor, Gil Rabbi, Storycards is to engagement what WIX and Webflow are to websites. Building on the success of those established platforms that allow users to create websites without any technical knowledge or coding skills, Storycards focuses on creating engagement. These commonly include trivia, quizzes, questionnaires, forms, and other types of engagement tools. “As the largest brands compete for user attention, the most valuable currency is eyeballs, not real estate, and so the ultimate differentiator is how well a website engages its users. With Storycards the brands can create a custom engagement product with freedom design” observes Rabbi.

You can use it on any website and Storycard’s algorithm will find the most engaging cards for each user based on their preferences.

What else can you do with Storycards?

A couple of things.

You have the power to create any concept with Storycards! With no limits, you can start from scratch and build your custom design.

Cutting edge responsive design makes for a smooth experience while drag-and-drop functionality ensures quick edits in no time at all – even if there are lots of cards involved.

Keep your customers engaged with a variety of interactive activities on the website or mobile app. If you want more immersion, go with full-window mode for an all-encompassing experience!

Get a deeper understanding of your audience and their preferences by accessing real-time user data.

Create segments based on what they’re choosing to read, watch or listen to – then run personalized advertising campaigns that reach out only to those who will be interested in the message YOU want them to see!

Storycards is a system that not only creates unique experiences for each user but also provides content editors with the power to show them what they want. The program offers an easy-to-use interface and multiple flow features so your team can experiment until you find something interesting!

The Brains behind Storycards

Gil Rabbi, an Israeli expert in digital products, is the brains behind Storycards, who has been giving users a better engagement with his technology for the past decade. He specializes in making you stay on your site or app longer. And, there’s only one way to do this – by ensuring what they’re providing provides value and interest; while at the same time helping website owners get information about how many people visit them through analytics reports from Storycards’ tracking platform.

Rabbi is a Tel Aviv-based entrepreneur who’s had an incredible career in the military, and he uses these skills to create innovative technologies. His most well-known project was the development of a system that engaged and improved the speed at which new soldiers join Israel’s army (and is now used across all branches). He would then proceed to establish the “Rabbi Interactive Technology Agency”.

Rabbi has developed products that engaged over 5 million people every month, all in the past 1 decade. His work includes a range of successful TV formats including Eurovision and Rising Star where millions of participate in real-time together!

Rabbi has made history with Storycards, there’s no doubt about that. But, he’s not done. He says, “Our vision is to enable anyone to use our knowledge automatically through the platform we have created without having to use the services we have provided to our customers around the world over the past decade.”

Wrapping it Up

Wrapping it up

The Storycards platform has the ability to give feedback on how you can improve your product and increase user engagement. For example, it may tell users that a certain element of their Storycard needs more detail or links – in real-time!

You’ll also have access through AI-powered analytics which will show exactly what people find engaging about this particular webpage so far from any given perspective (such as gender). Revolutionary, right? I know!

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