Consell de Mallorca to spend €2 million plus on Son Pardo Racecourse

Catalina Cladera explained her plans

Catalina Cladera explained her plans Credit: Consell de Mallorca

THE Consell de Mallorca to spend €2 million plus on Son Pardo Racecourse facilities in Palma.

Attending a presentation about the plans by President of the Council Catalina Cladera on April 25 were representatives of the equestrian sport sector, the Balearic Trotting Federation, Equestrian Federation of the Balearic Islands, Trotting Horse Breeders Association, Minitrot Association, Alevins Club and professional men’s associations.

“The infrastructure of this racecourse is more than 60 years old and needs maintenance, but we are going further and we are also doing improvement work,” said Cladera, who explained that during this legislature, the Consell de Mallorca has already invested a total of €3.8 million in improving the facilities of the Son Pardo and Manacor racecourses.

It is the largest investment made by the Consell de Mallorca in the racecourses and the world of trotting in recent years. “This investment has a direct and indirect impact on Mallorca’s economy, as trotting combines sport, the primary sector and tourism,” she added.

With regards to the intended expenditure €1,790,000 is to be used to build a roof in the stands, in order to offer shade and shelter to the public. At the same time, the roof will have integrated photovoltaic installation with the aim of advancing to the maximum in renewable energies and in the saving of energetic consumption.

In addition, other actions will be carried out to improve the stands, such as the refurbishment of the central corridor, where safety railings will be installed.

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