EXPLAINER: How to claim a refund from Ryanair if your flight is cancelled or delayed

Ryanair's £8 voucher for 13 hour delay

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Flying is always a bit of a hectic experience. Dealing with airport security, lost baggage, or wondering if you left the stove on at home. If you are flying Ryanair, cabin crews have been on strike causing delays and cancellations throughout Spain. If your flight has been affected, here is what you need to know about getting a refund, or changing your flight.

Ryanair firstly states that “Once a Ryanair flight is operational, and does not have a delay exceeding 5 hours, then it is not possible to get a refund.” If you are tracking your flights details and confirm that it will be affected by the delays you can change the route, date, or time up to 2.5 hours before the originally scheduled departure time. It is important to note that given the current circumstances of Ryanair’s flight availability that this is a risky option.

Rescheduled Departures

If Ryanair notices that they will have an issue regarding the take off time due to these unforeseen circumstances, they will attempt to reschedule at least 5 hours before the flights scheduled departure. In the event of a schedule change, a full refund is available in the instances that:

  • Ryanair notifies you within less than 5 hours of the scheduled departure
  • The schedule change is unacceptable for you
  • Ryanair is not able to book an alternative flight that is suitable for you

If you decided to not request a refund, and instead carry on with Ryanair’s processing, you will be entitled to meals and refreshments in relation to the waiting time, two phone calls, hotel accommodation if the stay lasts one night or more, and transportation to the airport and hotel under EU-261 Care Entitlements. If the delay causes monetary loss, you can apply for compensation under EU-261 Care Entitlement as well.


If the scheduled flight is cancelled there are two options, request a full refund or change your flight free of charge.

To request a full refund, click here. It will take you to the MyRyanair portal where you enter the flight details and you will be refunded within five business days. If any other products have been purchased (e.g. car hire, parking, transfers) you will be able to request refunds as well.

If you accept to have your flight change you will firstly be prioritised on any alternative flights that will be leaving on the same or next day. If no alternative flights are available then other modes of transportation are to be assessed. Ryanair will compare cost and convenience between bus, train, and care hire in suitable situations.


The recent Ryanair strike has disrupted many peoples travel itineraries, therefore they have gone through the same process you are considering. Here is what advice they offer through the process:

In response to a EU-261 compensation claim Andy Griffiths says “It would not accept the IBAN details which were on my bank statement. I phoned my bank, explained the situation and they then gave me a “generic IBAN” for my bank. I input this and I was then able to progress my claim. Hope this helps.”

Caroline White recants a previous failure through Ryanair to help people going forward “Try Aviation Dispute Resolution service (ADR)…It’s a formal process and takes a while. .And you will have to present evidence…It worked for me after nearly 2 years of trying to wrestle a refund for a flight RA”

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