The essential guide on where to buy luxury beds in Marbella, Costa del Sol (2023)

luxury beds marbella

Nothing feels better than waking up after a good night´s sleep or resting and relaxing on a comfortable couch after a long day. Sleep is an essential function that allows our body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up – without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly and to its best abilities.

So, you´re looking for a new bed that can provide you with quality sleep, but where is the best place to buy luxury beds in Marbella, Costa del Sol?

We spend around 33 per cent of our lives sleeping, so it´s no surprise that getting quality rest is essential to our daily bodily and brain functions. Rest helps our brain to function, helps us with making important decisions, helps with memory retention and judgement, can improve productivity and even reduce the risk of heart disease.

With this in mind, the Euro Weekly News has put together this essential guide on where to buy luxury beds in Marbella, Costa del Sol, so that you can get the rest your body and mind deserve!

How important is rest and your rest equipment?

Given the vast information available about how important sleep and rest are, it´s no surprise that our sleeping equipment is very important. It must provide support, particularly for any ailments, but also be comfortable and not compromise on style. If you have slept well, you wake up feeling and looking better, with more energy and better brain function.

Spain is one of the countries in the world with the longest life expectancy and, according to data from the INE (National Statistics Institute), life expectancy in the elderly has increased over the last few decades. The INE’s projection is that in 2035 life expectancy will reach 90 years for women, and 85 years for men. We must ask ourselves: do we give our rest the importance it deserves? We should bear in mind that physical and mental rest is essential for us to really feel well and live longer.

That´s why we have found the best place to buy luxury beds in Marbella to make your search easier!

Luxury beds and mattresses at bdhome


At bdhome you will find the best mattresses at the best price, without sacrificing quality. The key is to choose the mattress that best suits your needs when sleeping, taking into account weight, constitution, physical pathologies and way of sleeping.

Choose from supportive pocket spring mattresses, innovative progressive mattresses, comfortable latex mattresses, and breathable viscoelastic mattresses from premium brands including  Hästens and Dunlopillo.

luxury beds marbella

Our recommendation


bdhome was founded in 1996 in Marbella, Spain, with the mission to help clients achieve their dream rest through auditing and identifying their needs in terms of rest, well-being, and home decoration. The company specializes in advising clients on how to obtain the best rest in the world, adapted to their budget, technical, and aesthetic needs.

bdhome works with the best brands on the market, especially those that use natural products that meet the company’s quality and comfort requirements. This allows BD Home to reach a wide range of clients, including individuals, hotel companies, and interior designers who are looking for exclusivity and a guarantee in their rest and decoration equipment.

bdhome is passionate about its work and is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service. The company’s team of experts is always on hand to offer advice and guidance, and they are dedicated to helping their clients find the perfect solution for their needs.

Contact bdhome today
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Calle Antonio Herrero, nº3 C.P29602 Marbella (Málaga)

Telephone: 952861122

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Luxury beds Marbella


bdhome offers a wide selection of luxury beds of various styles, with modern and elegant designs, nordic style, urban, decor and as always at the best market price. The base of a mattress is 50 per cent of the comfort of a bed. When choosing rest equipment, we must think about what type of mattress base we are going to use to be comfortable.

Not all bases are valid for any type of mattress and choosing it is the key to success – bdhome Marbella will advise you on that choice.

buy luxury beds marbella

Hästens Beds

Hästens luxury beds will forever change your life and the way you sleep, and bdhome is an exclusive retailer of this innovative brand. Hästens artisan mattresses are handmade with ethical natural materials and their team of craftsmen use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation to give your bed its own soul and personality.

For generations, Hästens has been refining their work to help provide the most restful sleep. Discover the best version of yourself when you wake up each morning in one of the Hästens beds.

buy luxury beds marbella

Cozy Beds

Cozy Beds is a modern bed manufacturer that takes care of the old Swedish tradition of craftsmanship. They make their beds based on perfection at their factory in Mälardalen, Sweden. Cozy has several years of experience in developing and manufacturing beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture, including hand-padded headboards, and continental beds in both standard and special sizes.

where to buy luxury beds marbella

Ecolife Beds

Ecolife Beds, a Swedish family business, offers artisan beds made using traditional techniques and natural products of only plant origin. Ecolife Beds is a pioneer in the production of vegan beds using the highest quality natural materials such as organic bamboo, organic cotton, linen and agave. All raw materials used, cultivation and production processes are sustainable, certified organic and toxic-free by official European certifying bodies.

A balance for your health, that of animals and the planet.

luxury beds marbella


Without a doubt, one of the key pieces in a bedroom is the headboard, bring style and personality to your bedroom. At bdhome Marbella you will find the best Nordic, urban or classic headboards with elegant upholstery and materials at the best price.

luxury beds marbella

luxury beds marbella

Rest equipment for young people

Quality rest promotes healthy growth, that´s why bdhome provides mattresses for children between the ages of 2 and 16, as a guide.

Using fresher and more elastic fabrics, as well as the option to choose the thickness of the mattress, the youth range at bdhome will help your little ones get the most restorative rest possible.

luxury beds marbella

luxury beds marbella

Everything you need for your bed – The perfect rest team

Resting is a natural and essential process that the staff at BD Home understand deeply. Improving your quality of life is their goal, so why not do it the smart way? Getting a great night´s sleep isn´t just about one thing, it includes a whole team of rest including your mattress, pillows, sheets and bed frame. At bdhome, you will find the best mattresses in Marbella at the best price and with the best personalised advice.

Nordic quilts

The Nordic padding is rapidly replacing the traditional bed set consisting of a sheet, blanket and quilt. Normally, Nordic fillings are inserted inside a cotton or synthetic fibre duvet cover, which acts as a sheet. bdhomes has the best selection of Nordic quilts, sheets, mattress protectors and blankets to help you drift off to sleep.

best luxury beds marbella


Do you need a new pillow? Latex, Visco, feather pillows, of all types and sizes for better rest and adapted to the conditions of each sleeper.

bdhome Marbella have the perfect pillow that will adapt to your needs when sleeping.

luxury beds marbella


bdhome´s selection of elegant and comfortable sheets and sheet sets for your bed, made of soft Egyptian cotton, satin or percale, are the perfect products to make your bed look and feel as comfortable as possible! bdhome also has sheets for the little ones in the house and, if you can´t find what you are looking for, the staff will help you with your choice.

best luxury beds marbella

luxury beds marbella

What are the benefits of a quality night’s sleep?

The benefits of a quality night´s sleep are much more important than many people realise. In this technological age, many of us sit on our phones or watch television until late at night, disrupting our sleep patterns and leaving us feeling tired. Not only this, many of us place more importance on our working lives than on relaxing, de-stressing and making sure we get a night of proper sleep each night, disrupting our productivity during the day and, essentially, having the opposite effect by reducing our productivity, memory retention and concentration.

According to health studies, sleep and rest have a huge effect on our day-to-day lives, health and mood. But what are the main benefits of quality rest and sleep?

Improved concentration and productivity

Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function, with cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance all negatively affected by sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep can have a negative effect on our decision-making processes, our mood, our concentration and our memory retention, essentially making it more difficult to carry out tasks at work and in daily life.

Sleep is also hugely important for developing brains, getting enough sleep can improve academic performance in children, adolescents, and young adults and has been shown to improve problem-solving skills and enhance memory performance in both children and adults.

May strengthen your heart

One study found that people who slept fewer than 5 hours per night had a 61 per cent higher risk of developing high blood pressure than those who slept 7 hours and has been linked to a 13 per cent increase in heart disease. Another analysis found that compared with 7 hours of sleep, each 1-hour decrease in sleep was associated with a 6 per cent increased risk of all-cause mortality and heart disease.

Reduce the risk of depression

Mental health concerns, such as depression, are strongly linked to poor sleep quality and sleeping disorders. A study of 2,672 participants found that those with anxiety and depression were more likely to report poorer sleep scores than those without anxiety and depression and, in other studies, people with sleeping disorders like insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea also report higher rates of depression than those without.

Supports a healthy immune system

Lack of sleep has been shown to impair immune function and data even suggests that proper sleep may improve your body’s antibody responses to influenza vaccines. In one study, participants who slept less than 5 hours per night were 4.5 times more likely to develop a cold compared to those who slept more than 7 hours.

Helps to regulate emotions

This is especially important for young and developing brains, however, sleep loss also reduces an adult’s ability to regulate emotions and interact socially. When we are deprived of sleep, we have a harder time controlling emotional outbursts and our behaviours in front of others. Tiredness may also affect our ability to respond to humour and show empathy. Those who are chronically sleep-deprived are more likely to withdraw from social events and experience loneliness.

Quality sleep may help you maintain or lose weight

Numerous studies have associated short sleep — defined as sleeping fewer than 7 hours per night — with a greater risk of weight gain and a higher body mass index (BMI). The effect of sleep on weight gain is believed to be affected by various factors, including hormones and motivation.

Sleep deprivation increases levels of ghrelin and decreases levels of leptin. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes us feel hungry while leptin makes us feel full. This may cause us to feel hungrier and eat more than necessary. This is supported by various studies that have shown that sleep-deprived individuals have a bigger appetite and tend to eat more calories.

What’s more, to compensate for lack of energy, sleep deprivation may make you crave foods that are higher in sugar and fat, due to their higher calorie content and feeling tired may also leave you feeling unmotivated to do any physical exercise.

best luxury beds marbella
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Lack of sleep can be dangerous

Not getting enough sleep can be dangerous for yourself and others around you. When we’re tired, our ability to focus on tasks, reflexes, and reaction times decrease. In fact, being severely sleep-deprived is comparable to having consumed excess alcohol.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that 1 in 25 people have fallen asleep at the wheel while driving and that those who slept less than 6 hours a day were most likely to fall asleep while driving. The CDC also reported that staying awake for more than 18 hours is comparable to having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05 per cent. After 24 hours, this increases to 1.00 per cent, significantly affecting the brain, decisions and reflexes.

In addition to increased risks associated with driving, lack of sleep may also increase the risk of workplace injury and mistakes.

All in all, getting proper sleep and rest is important for everyone’s safety.

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