Big Eyes: Ethereum-based community platform set to become the next Dogecoin Killer.

Big Eyes: Ethereum-based community platform set to become the next Dogecoin Killer.

Like other top-rated crypto projects, Big Eyes intends to bring value to the decentralized finance ecosystem. Additionally, this new project aims to hit the top ten meme projects in the crypto community.

The Ethereum blockchain consists of numerous DeFi protocols, metaverse platforms, and NFT projects. Due to its affiliation with the Ethereum blockchain, Big Eyes offers users access to a budding NFT marketplace. If you are new to this space, NFTs can be in music, art, collectibles, etc., which can be sold to earn rewards.

Features of Big Eyes

Since it’s a Cat-based project, various unque features would make it stand out. Some of those qualities are;

  • Active: Cats are active, and so is the Big Eye token. It aims to accomplish its goals right from the onset. These goals include income generation for all its members.

It will also protect marine creatures like fish as a long-term humanitarian movement.

  • Playful: Big Eyes is a meme coin that aims to be entertaining and rewarding.
  • Hard to Kill: Cats are hard to kill. Therefore, Big Eye intends to be a long-term crypto project in the coin market.
  • Sociable: The Big Eye ecosystem plan is open to everyone ready to be part of the community. It aims to have members from diverse cultures and lands.
  • Swift in Action: In the cat-themed ecosystem, Big Eyes, plans are in place. And with no delay, the presale would be carried out.

The goal of Big Eyes

Big Eyes will build a blockchain-based platform with Non-Fungible Tokens integration. Through the support of its members, it aims to be the most popular meme coin in 2022.

Big Eyes’ native token holders will benefit from numerous reward opportunities available within its ecosystem. One common feature of this meme coin is its dedication to supporting charity and fundraising programs for cats and aquatic creatures.

Additionally, Big Eyes will be a community-driven crypto project. All token holders will have governance rights. They can vote on modifications to be introduced into the Big Eyes ecosystem. Big Eyes prioritises its crypto community, so the community is the first to learn about updates and changes.

Big Eyes versus Ethereum versus Dogecoin

Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency that runs on blockchain technology. Users on the platform can enjoy peer-to-peer transactions like on all DeFi platforms. The native currency of Ethereum is Ether, used for payment, trading, and as a security token.

Ethereum’s features include its ability to support Non-Fungible Tokens on its blockchain. Thus, NFT-integrated platforms, like Big Eyes, are hosted on Ethereum.

Users of Ethereum can enjoy more secure transactions and speedy trades than the Bitcoin platform. Through its smart contracts, transferring NFT and creating DApps is easy.

As such, Ethereum employs a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation as its governing body. Here, users can have a say in decision-making through votes.

Dogecoin is a meme-like cryptocurrency with a native token, DOGE. It is the first and most popular meme coin in the crypto space. Dogecoin runs on a blockchain technology forked from Litecoin.

Dogecoin facilitates decentralised or Peer-to-Peer transactions. This means its users can carry out secure financial transactions without the influence of third parties. Dogecoin’s native currency, DOGE, is a utility token within its ecosystem for covering transaction fees.

Dogecoin is a proof-of-work platform. It rewards its transaction validators with newly minted DOGE tokens for verifying transactions and securing its network.

In contrast, Big Eyes promises to mimic and surpass the success of Ethereum and Dogecoin. It aims to build a system that generates more income for its users. Big Eyes will also guide and fund humans’ efforts to save the ocean. 

How to buy Big Eyes

Since Big Eyes is still in its presale phase, it is only accessible from its presale website. You will need a crypto wallet funded with ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens to buy Big Eyes tokens.

Visit and register on the platform. Connect your wallet and approve the transaction to complete the purchase.

The Big Eye utility coin would give users a long-lasting reward. It will also be a Tax-free ecosystem for financial transactions. Become part of the Big Eyes community by participating in the ongoing presale.

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