Nicole King´s Marbella moments: Nanadom


Congratulations fab four!! Image - Nicole King

I can’t believe it has already been four years since I received a phone call to say that my daughter was in labour with her first child.

Suddenly, from one moment to the next I was no longer “mum,” but Nana.  My little girl was no longer just my baby but a mother herself and with that, our roles changed. 

It was a bit surreal: for the first time my baby was facing pain and uncertainty and I wasn’t by her side to hold her hand or comfort her; she had her other half with her, helping her through, and I had to wait and watch from the side-lines and adapt to this new family dynamic. 

However from the moment baby Lake was born I knew that I wanted to be to her what my Nana was to me: to always be there for her, always ready to play and always full of joyous, unconditional love.

Most of my life has flashed past in the process of bringing up my own children but now, as a nana, has to be the moment to slow things down and relish the days ahead; dedicating time to myself and to enjoying the family I’ve worked so hard to create.

Joining the Nana Club has been amazing; I never anticipated that it would be so much fun and so easy. Perhaps that’s the best part of being a Nana is that the only thing really expected of us is to keep the grandchildren safe and loved; it’s the parent’s responsibility to do the rest. Awesome!!!

What they say couldn’t have been truer: being a grandparent is even more rewarding than being a parent oneself.  You can love them without all the rules and regulations taking precedence; our job is just to love, cherish and protect and then you get to give them back with no further worries.

Since last Wednesday, I have another grandchild; my little girl has made another perfect human being together with the love of her life; a dream come true to see them so happy and now a family of four.  Lake loves being a big sister to Indie Rose, now already one week old.  I couldn’t be happier for them; or more proud of my daughter and son-in-law; they are amazing together and wonderful parents.  Now it’s my turn to do my Nana proud too; not a day goes by without thinking of her.

There are many stages in our lives, which we only understand when the time comes; only now that I’ve reached “Nanadom” do I realise that there’s nothing else quite like it; a wonderful reward for being a parent.

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Nicole King

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