New initiative aims to boost life expectancy by two years in L’Alfas del Pi

A three-strand plan aims to extend life expectancy by two years in L’Alfas del Pi.

A new initiative was launched in L’Alfas del Pi on October 3 with the goal of raising life expectancy in the town. Authorities aim to raise life expectancy by two years by 2030 with the ‘Missió l’Alfàs del Pi 2030’ programme.

The initiative seeks to coordinate health policies within the public and private sector in the region to extend life expectancy by two years. The project will have three key branches; promote physical activity, nutrition and wellness in the region, improve the natural environment and outdoor spaces to allow outdoor physical activity and healthy leisure activities and improve economic activities in the region, using technology and innovation. The actions aim to improve quality of life for residents, thought to be crucial in extending overall life expectancy.

Local councillor for inclusion, Rocio Guijarro explained the project aims saying, ‘We are going to work to make l’Alfàs a regional benchmark for our high quality of life and healthy living model. Health is our priority”

The project will be part of a larger scheme, ‘Missions 2030’ funded by the Valencian Community which aims to take advantage of technology to improve lifestyle.