Big Eyes, Sandbox and Avalanche are the top three Cryptocurrencies with the best forecast for 2022

Big Eyes, Sandbox and Avalanche are the top three Cryptocurrencies with the best forecast for 2022

Since the advent of Bitcoin, many speculations and rumors have been made about the industry’s potential outcomes. However, time has shown that the cryptocurrency market may help economies and societies flourish in developed and underdeveloped worlds.

Even meme coins have gained greater cultural clout. Meme currencies are expected to increase in value locally as their popularity among crypto traders develops.


Cryptocurrencies have simplified and streamlined the process of starting new businesses worldwide, which has resulted in the growth and development of these ventures.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to see meteoric growth, it has become abundantly evident that human life will be fundamentally altered over the next two decades, and many investors are eager to get in on the action.

The use of cryptocurrencies has expanded beyond the financial sector into areas as diverse as health and wellness, environmental protection, and philanthropic giving.

Here are some cryptocurrencies with good forecasts for 2022.

Big Eyes Coin is an entertaining and engaging Meme Coin

Big Eyes coin is a meme currency that plans to leverage the popularity of memes and the utility of blockchain technology to become a highly successful enterprise.


Big Eyes intends to provide its users with much more than the common and basic humor of a meme coin; rather, the Big Eyes initiative is a full-fledged community token that pledges to donate 5% of its profits to ocean-related projects like marine life conservation, protecting a vital part of the global ecosystem. Big Eyes aims to provide its users with more than just the standard, surface-level comedy of a meme coin.

Members of the Big Eyes community can trade their tokens for fiat money anytime.

Redistribution of wealth into the DeFi ecosystem is the major objective of the Big Eyes movement. Big Eyes is a popular mascot in the Japanese animation industry, a kitten with disproportionately large eyes. It’s different from the dog-based themes that have been popular with meme coins, so it piqued the interest of crypto enthusiasts and cat lovers.

Users are encouraged to participate in community building by allowing them to enjoy and become addicted to activities that mimic the behaviors of cats. As a result, Big Eyes’ human population is a major factor in the area’s ever-evolving landscape.

To capitalise on the Big Eyes coin growing movement, use the code BEYES956 for a bonus on all coins purchased.

SandBox remains unrivaled in VR

In SandBox, a digital game, you can win tokens representing different parts of the planet but can’t be traded with other players (NFT). Several celebrity-affiliated businesses, including Gucci, Adidas, Ubisoft, and The Smurfs, have indicated an interest in the coin. Users will likely encounter these famous people as they explore the metaverse. Like traditional games, players would buy a LAND PARCEL, a non-fungible token (NFT), and use it to create their unique adventures.

The unique features that set Sandbox apart from other platforms are player-to-player freedom, the opportunity to build and create one’s version of the game world, and the ability to interact freely with other players. Landowners can generate money from selling their property, but those with creative minds can build whatever they can imagine.

It’s Swift and cost effective with Avalanche

Avalanche is a digital currency that relies heavily on proof-of-stake and smart contracts for verification. Due to its lightning-fast transaction times, highly secure and interoperable architecture, and reputation as one of the well-known “Ethereum-killers,” Avalanche is a formidable adversary to Ethereum.

When users create new coins on the Avalanche platform, they gain access to a worldwide network that is distributed, interconnected, and decentralized.

Avalanche can handle a far larger number of transactions since it uses three blockchains under a single-layer protocol.

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