Dogeliens, Solana or Theta Network? Here’s a look at what makes these 3 crypto assets so popular

Dogeliens, Solana or Theta Network? Here's a look at what makes these 3 crypto assets so popular

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most profitable investment instruments of the present times. Apart from delivering promising returns, they also ensure a slew of other advantages for investors which include data privacy, secure trading, inflation-proof returns, and no random charges like brokerage or transaction fees. If you are trying to zero in on a dependable cryptocurrency, you can do simple research on some of the leading names like Dogeliens (DOGET), Solana (SOL), and, Theta Network (THETA).

Once you are satisfied with your knowledge, evaluate their features and then make a decision. To help you get started, here’s a look at some of the key features of these three cryptocurrencies.


Dogeliens: Meet the meme coin with a difference

Dogeliens is a meme coin that has been the talk of the town with its unique use case and will join the league of successful dog-themed meme coins like Shiba Inu. The meme coin draws inspiration from dog aliens that inhabit a planet called Puptopia. The platform also has a native token called DOGET and its total supply is 25,000,000,000. Interested users will be able to purchase these tokens on presale, but the purchased tokens will have a vesting period of two months.

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Dogeliens has been working to educate its users about the full potential of blockchain technology and its use in wealth generation. The platform has launched the University of Barkington wherein users can access extensive resources about cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology. The Dogeliens Academy, on the other hand, is a fully virtual online classroom where users get to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and a host of other subjects like reading, mathematics, and geography.

Moreover, the platform sets aside 3% of all transaction proceeds for its charitable donations. Every month, all community members vote to select a charity that would receive the money raised by the network.

Solana now live on the third web

Solana is a blockchain network that equips developers with Web 3.0 tools to build and deploy agile and user-friendly dApps. Its native token SOL is the primary cryptocurrency on the network and is used for all transactional obligations on the platform. Plus, it’s cost-effective. The high level of scalability ensures that transaction cost for both developers and users remains less than $0.01. Solana maintains a single state as the network scales so that there’s composability between ecosystem projects. The single state ensures that developers don’t have to worry about problems like sharding or Layer 2 systems. Recently, Solana announced that it is now live on the third web. The move would ensure that its 60,000-strong community of developers can access Solana’s full-stack Web 3.0 development kit.


Theta Metachain ropes in Replay as a launch partner

Theta Network is a decentralized platform that offers Web 3.0 tools for building blockchain infrastructure for videos, media, and other kinds of entertainment. Its native token THETA can be used for staking and other transactional purposes on the platform. Users can also monetize the media content and secure it with digital rights. In a recent development, blockchain video tracking and payments platform Replay became a launch partner for Theta Metachain and would soon start testing on the Metachain testnet.

While choosing between Dogeliens, Solana, and, Theta Network might be a tough job, if you are considering long-term growth potential, many cryptocurrency analysts will be betting their money on Dogeliens. The meme coins not only have a niche use case but also have the highest potential among the three cryptocurrencies to fetch 100x returns. In fact, a section of analysts also believes that it is only a matter of time before Dogeliens potentially smashes all records of the crypto market.

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