Getting a puppy: important things you need to consider

Getting a puppy is an exciting moment for any household, but your puppy will need certain things from you

The festive period is one of the most popular times of year to get a puppy, but there are several challenges with getting a young pet that are important to keep in mind.

Here we share some advice from vets on how you can prepare yourself and your home to welcome a puppy, so that the task doesn’t become overwhelming or too difficult.

  1. Think about space

Getting a puppy is a hugely exciting decision, but it is important to consider the situation from a puppy’s perspective as well. Key things to consider include whether you have a safe and secure space that a puppy isn’t going to run away from or get stuck in and whether you have enough space for a separate eating and sleeping area.

  1. Consider lifestyle

Do you have the time to look after a puppy? Puppies need plenty of social activity, entertaining, and exercise, as well as training. They also can’t be left along for long periods. Being able to commit quality time to your puppy is an important factor when deciding about getting a puppy.

  1. Puppy-proof your home

Puppies can be destructive, which can also be harmful for themselves. Move all hazards at a puppy-level including electric cords, chemicals, and houseplants.