Can Big Eyes Coin Outperform Dogecoin?

The crypto ecosystem is filled with so many uncertainties. We cannot always predict accurately what new changes will occur. So, to be fully prepared, it helps to focus on less popular crypto and popular projects.

Let’s look at Dogecoin and Big Eyes Coin, two meme coins.


DogeCoin (DOGE) The Intriguing Coin

DogeCoin is an intriguing coin that gathered attention in early 2021. The coin has existed since 2013, so it is okay to wonder why it suddenly did 10X its price. Before we dive into that, let’s look at the history of DogeCoin.

The existence of DogeCoin all started as a joke. It was brought to life when Jackson Palmer tweeted about investing in Dogecoin. Mind you; Dogecoin was not yet a coin. The concept was that Dogecoin would be a differentiated altcoin and be a worthy alternative to Bitcoin. So, Jackson Palmer took the Shiba Inu Doge meme—circulating the Internet at that time—and photoshopped it into a meme with ‘D’ inscribed. He also went a little serious by purchasing Not long after, Billy Markus, a software developer, reached out to Palmer and brought the coin to life.

However, Dogecoin is now majorly used as a tipping coin. In 2021, this tipping coin grew massively in value and climbed to the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world based on market capitalization. But can Dogecoin continually stay at this spot? Or will the new meme coin outperform it? While we can’t predict the future, it will help to shift our gaze to other intriguing meme coin projects like Big Eyes.

Big Eyes (BIG) The Unique Meme Coin

Big Eyes is a unique meme project with fascinating plans for building a crypto cathouse. This crypto project is focused on onboarding cat lovers to the crypto world. It stands out from the other dog-themed crypto as it creates a strong community of cat lovers.

At the forefront, Big Eyes is all about cats. But, looking deep into its goals and roadmap, we can see that Big Eyes is centered on providing a community for all crypto enthusiasts—newbies and experts alike. It intends to achieve its goal by combining serious and fun ways to foster community relations.

Big Eyes is also building a solid bandwagon of crypto enthusiasts and cat lovers by leveraging memes through social media. It has entered many meme wars not just to establish itself as king of the meme game but also to grow its social presence. The project will also launch a meme machine to encourage the creation of more memes.

Aside from meme creation, it will also use branded swags like stickers, wears, and other merch to create genuine community relations

We may be tempted to believe that Big Eyes is only focused on generating hype based on the above mentioned two strategies. But that’s not it. As a community-geared token, Big Eyes is making all of its tokens available to the community. However, a tiny 20% will be locked for two years.

Big Eyes is not just concerned about its immediate community, but it also reaches the world at large. Hence, it will be giving funds periodically to charity organisations. One such project that Big Eyes has donated to is Luna Children. It also looks to do more in the future, as the project has allocated 5% of its total token supply to charity. So, instead of developer or team funds, it goes to charity.

Let’s not forget the Sushi Crew. Sushi crew is an NFT club where its members can get valuable NFTs. However, one can only become a member after purchasing an NFT pass.

For those who like being part of a community, the Big Eyes project is one to consider. You can learn more about Big Eyes by visiting their website and joining the presales.


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