Banish the cold from your home this winter with these top tips

Take advantage of sunlight during the daytime in your Spanish home, open blinds but keep windows closed for maximum effect

THE cold weather has well and truly arrived, and many of us are feeling the bite, especially in older Spanish homes. Today, we’re sharing some quick tips on how you can keep your home a cosy haven, away from the cold weather.

  1. Make the most of sunlight

Luckily, the sun still comes out on most days during the Spanish winter. Take advantage of any sunny spots in your home by opening the blinds during the day, but keep windows closed for most of the day to keep the cold out.

  1. Clamp down on draughts

Even in the cosiest homes, draughts can make a room much colder. Identify colder spots in your home and cover them using draught excluders or insulating tape.

  1. Radiator care

Ensure portable radiators are placed in a good spot, away from furniture which will absorb their heat, and avoid drying clothing on them when you’re trying to heat a room.

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