Beatlemania in Almería with a concert celebrating the city’s unusual link with the band

A local Beatles tribute band celebrate Almería’s unusual link with John Lennon in an annual concert in the city

ALMERÍA is set to receive a unique gift this Christmas with a special Beatles tribute concert. The concert is being held on Wednesday, December 28,

It might seem unusual for Almería to host a concert for the band from Liverpool, but the city has an unexpected link with the hitmakers from Merseyside. John Lennon spent an extended period in Almería during the filming of his only non-musical role in ‘How I won the war’ in 1967.

John Lennon is adored in Almería and the city is home to several tributes including in the Casa del Cine, and statues as well as regular commemorative conferences, shows and musical events. The musician also has a loyal following in the John Lennon Almería Forever group which was founded in 1999 and continues to organise events including this annual tribute concert.

This year, the tribute band are set to rock the Club de Mar in the city centre from 8:30pm. The Beatles Connection featuring experienced Beatles impersonators Chipo Martínez and Pepe Blanes.

Tickets cost €10 and can be purchased directly from the venue.