How to make your home smell like Christmas

Simmering a mixture of festive spices on your stove will infuse your home with rich Christmas smells

ONE of the most exciting things about Christmas is all of the tantalising smells wafting around, conjuring up the warm fuzzy Christmas feeling. But how can you make your home also smell as festive as it looks? Today we’re sharing some of our favourite tips on how you can make your home smell like Christmas.

Christmas candles or diffusers

One of the simplest ways to make your home smell like Christmas is by lighting a festive-themed candle. There are so many candle choices, especially at Christmas, so choose a scent that smells like Christmas to you. Some favourite festive scents include pine, cinnamon, fresh vanilla, or nutmeg.

Stovetop potpourri

Add oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks, pine needles, ginger, or whatever festive scents you have around the home to a pot of water. Allow it to simmer and the festive scents to permeate through your home.

Christmas baking

Another guaranteed way to make your home smell great over Christmas is to try your hand at some baking. Whether its cookies, gingerbread men or any other festive baked goods, baking brings an amazing scent to your home, and a delicious treat to munch on afterwards!