Generous grant is the perfect Christmas gift for Asprodalba Association in Vera

Asprodalba Association celebrates Smurfitt Kappa’s award of a huge grant to build a new residential facility for young disable people

CHRISTMAS came early for one organisation in Vera this year. Asprodalba were awarded an astonishing €111,709 by the Smurfitt Kappa Foundation which will fund a brand new residential unit providing comfortable accommodation for 11 young people with intellectual disabilities.

The grant was secured thanks to the dedication of the Asprodalba manager, Pedro, President, Paco Alonso and two expatriate volunteers, Andy and Jo Pearson. The couple have been supporters of the association for the past four years and offered to put their expertise to good use by applying for some grants for the organisation’s vital work.

After putting in an application with the Smurfitt Kapp Foundation, the couple began an agonising wait before the foundation announced their wholehearted support for Asprodalba’s work, with unanimous support among the foundation’s board.

The incredible decision was announced to Asprodalba on Friday, December 9, adding some extra Christmas magic to the festive season at the organisation.

Pedro, Asprodalba manager expressed his gratitude saying, “Never in my dreams did I think this application would come to fruition, but thanks to Andy & Jo, and the Smurfitt Kappa Foundation, the project is now tangible, we are overwhelmed with their generosity”.

The residential unit is set to be built on the former Guardía Civil Barracks which has been ceded from Vera council and will provide a home for vulnerable young disabled people, who do not have parent figures in their lives or have complex needs that their families cannot provide for at home. Work on the project begins in January, with the goal of being up and running by November.

To find out more information about Asprodalba or to offer your support, please contact Andy or Jo at: