Spain brings back travel requirements for travellers from China amid new Covid-19 outbreak

Travellers entering Spain from China will face entry requirements once more after Covid cases soar in the country

TRAVEL restrictions due to Coronavirus might be a thing of the past for most countries by now, but a recent outbreak of the virus in China is causing countries to rethink their entry requirements. Spain is one of the countries taking action with new restrictions announced on Friday, December 30.

After announcing the development of new restrictions on Thursday, December 29, Spain’s Department for Health announced that inbound travellers from China will now be required to present a negative test for Covid-19, or a vaccination certificate once more.

Despite originally waiting for the EU to take action, Spain is the second country in the European Union, after Italy to individually take measures to prevent the large-scale return of the virus. Other countries have also taken action including Japan and the USA.

The news comes almost three years to the day that China first declared the outbreak of the then-unknown virus which was taking hold in Wuhan back in 2019. The country has since grappled with controlling the virus by introducing increasingly stringent restrictions, to no avail in many cases.