The ultimate guide to selling your home in Manilva, Costa del Sol (2023)

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Are you looking to sell your home in Manilva and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are overwhelmed with the legal systems in Spain and the documents you need? Look no further, as the Euro Weekly News has put together this guide on selling your home in Manilva, along with one of the best real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol, Enova Estates. To find out more about what is needed to sell your home, and the best agency to help you on your journey, keep reading!

In this guide, we will be explaining everything needed and necessary to sell your home in Manilva. This will include how much your property could be worth, recommending a skillful and reliable estate agency such as Enova Estates, how long you can expect the sale to take from start to finish, as well as help with which documents you will need.

What does Manilva have to offer?

Located on the Western Costa del Sol, Manilva is found in the province of Cadiz and is a seaside town that is made up of three different areas.

Manilva Pueblo is found in the mountains, with beautiful picture-perfect whitewashed properties throughout. The area boasts glorious views of both the twinkling Mediterranean Sea and lush rolling mountains, where you are transported to traditional Spain and given the true Andalucian experience.

San Luis de Sabinillas is where the international port is located and has a beautifully cosy ambience, a plethora of high-quality restaurants, and an authentic fishing village.

Manilva has some of the best gastronomy along the Costa del Sol and the town is surrounded with vineyards that date back to Roman times. Even today, the area still produces fine wines from the Moscatel grapes grown on the sloping hills, with harvest time around the beginning of September. Harvesting features the Fiesta de la Vendimia where the grapes are trodden as part of Manilva’s annual grape festival.

With over 12 golf courses in the area, many amenities, stunning views and a calming atmosphere, Manilva – known as a jewel in the crown of the Costa del Sol – is becoming THE place to buy a property. Great news if you are considering selling!

Selling my home Manilva
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The best estate agency to sell your home in Manilva

Our recommendation

Enova Estates

Why sell your property with Enova Estates?

This multilingual estate agency has been established in Manilva for over 10 years, giving them intimate experience of the Spanish property market and valuable contacts with various collaborating companies.

The property market here is growing, and so is the population, meaning Enova Estates are constantly helping eager buyers to find their dream home in Spain – with waiting buyers currently searching for property around the Marina Puerto de la Duquesa area as well as across Manilva. Because of this, now is the perfect time to sell your home.

Selling your property with Enova Estates means the best possible marketing offering. This includes promotional videos on their YouTube channel and website, listings on the biggest property portals and in newsletters, social media and Google Ads campaigns, in addition to collaborations in Scandinavian countries and more. With this multifaceted approach to marketing your property, you can be sure your house will make its way in front of the right buyer.

First impressions should not be underestimated when selling your property. The team at Enova Estates can give you all-important advice on how to style your home so that it appeals to buyers. They also collaborate with the most reliable craft companies of all kinds in the area, such as carpenters, masons, electricians, air conditioning service and painters, so that you can get your home looking as desirable as possible to potential clients, ensuring a quicker sale.

Enova Estates offer free valuations on properties, the creation of floor plans at no extra cost, and a free energy certificate – setting you up with the essential documentation needed to sell your home.

And they don’t just buy and sell properties. Enova Estates take care of your home and offer fantastic aftersales services including keyholding, help with insurance policies, alarm and internet services, and property management.

Get in touch with the friendly and professional team to get your sale started.

Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish

Website: Click here

Address: Manilva Beach II Local 7, 29692 La Duquesa, Manilva, Malaga

Opening hours: 10am until 6pm on weekdays, 10am until 2pm on Saturdays (summer only)

Telephone: +34 951 273 680 or +34 675 129 019

Email: [email protected]

Watch their videos: Click here

Facebook: Click here


How much is a property worth in Manilva?

Manilva is a hidden treasure on the Costa del Sol with panoramic views of the sea and the rolling mountains. It is perfectly located close to Gibraltar, only 39 minutes away, Cadiz just 1 hour and 28 minutes away and Malaga only 1 hour and 26 minutes away. Buying a property in Manilva is the opportunity for the perfect base to travel and see Spain for all of its beauty and culture, making it a popular location for foreign buyers.

Property prices in Manilva vary depending on the location and style, however, the most common properties are penthouses, villas, apartments and terraced houses. Penthouses in this area can sell from between €110,000 up to €2.1 million. Apartments sell for between €99,000 to €149,000, villas sell for between €560,000 to over €3.2 million and houses for around €95,000 to €3.3 million.

Selling my home Manilva
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How long does it take to sell a property in Manilva?

Manilva is particularly popular for those who value the authentic charm of Spain as well as easily accessible amenities, interesting history, plenty of things to do and great restaurants. Home to over 3,000 expatriates in a population of 12,000 people, Manilva is perfect for foreign buyers to purchase, either as an investment or a relocation.

With over 13 million visitors coming to the Costa del Sol every year, the demand for holiday rentals is increasing and, with ongoing investment being injected into the Costa del Sol, now is a better time than ever to sell your property. Prices are continuing to rise, and 2022 was one of the busiest on Costa del Sol property market history, with an average of 181 properties exchanging hands daily.

With the help of the experts at Enova Estates, you will be in the best hands on your selling journey.

Selling your home Manilva
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What do you need to pay when selling your home in Manilva

IBI and Utilities – Your utility bills must be paid and up to date at the point of sale. You will need to provide the original proof of payment when signing. Sellers also have to pay the IBI, known as council tax for the remainder of the whole year that they are selling.

Non-Resident Retention 3 per cent – If you are not a resident of Spain, the buyer of your property will also have to retain 3 per cent of the sales price stated in the “Escritura” (Title Deed) to pay to the Spanish taxman (Hacienda) on your behalf towards your Capital Gains Tax. Fiscal residents do not have any retention made on them, however, they may have to pay tax on the sale the year after when filling in their tax returns.  

Plusvalia – To sell your home, sellers have to pay a tax based on the incremental value of the land in which the property is situated over the number of years in which you have been the owner.

Mortgage Cancellation Fees – Typically your bank should have a 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent cancellation charge for the outstanding balance due on your mortgage.

Community Fees – Your community fees must be kept up to date. Typically, you have to present a Community Certificate to the buyer when signing the Title Deed to prove this. 

Legal fees – These are essential. The legal office that you are using should prepare all the community charges, utility contracts, and ‘Suma’ invoices. They should also speak with the Notary and the purchaser’s representatives, organise the Notary appointment and further organise all related paperwork to go with the sale of the house, accompany the seller to the Notary and calculate the 3 per cent retention and advice re Capital Gains Tax, give fiscal representation throughout the selling process, and also translate all documents.

Agent’s Commission – If you have used an agent to help sell your property you will have to pay fees to them. Enova Estates has very competitive agent fees.

Selling my home Manilva
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What documents do you need to sell a home in Manilva?

When selling a home in Manilva, there are lots of paperwork and documents that need to be filled in and signed. To ensure all of the documentation is correct and legitimate, we recommend that you work with an expert real estate agent such as Enova Estates to ensure that you have the best experience possible while selling your home.

The main documents you will need may include:

  • Liaison throughout the transaction with representatives of the Buyer and Notary. 
  • Your passport and NIE number. 
  • Deeds of the property. 
  • Calculation of 3 per cent retention. 
  • The organisation of the Notary appointment and all paperwork related to the sale. 
  • Calculation of Goodwill and a letter of ‘Good Standing’ with your community fees from the administration of your community. 
  • Preparation of utility contracts, community charges, and ‘Suma’ invoices. 
  • Translation at the Notary. 
  • Fiscal representation throughout the whole process. 
  • Calculation and advice regarding Capital Gains Tax. 
Selling my home Manilva
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Top tips for getting your home ready for the market

When selling your home, first impressions are not to be taken lightly! It is important that your property is clean, bright, tidy and leaves a good lasting impression – enticing the viewer to buy and put in an offer as soon as possible.

Show potential buyers what attracted you to the property and be sure to highlight it, you never know if that feature could be just what the buyer is looking for.

All properties have potential, so ensure that you are adding to it not lowering it. Keep the style classic and clean, allowing the prospective buyer to see a new vision clearly and not have their judgement crowded by odds and ends – this includes gardens, terraces and outside areas.

To help you, here are the best tips and tricks to help best sell your home:

  • Declutter and get rid of anything that is of no use or has been waiting to be thrown away. Use the Marie Condo method, if it doesn’t give you any joy or happiness then donate it or give it to family members and, if really unsalvageable, send it to the bin.
  • Dust using a feather duster and a bottle of polish – you’d be surprised at how this will change your entire space! Be sure to get into all of the hard-to-reach areas that you have been avoiding.
  • Keep things uniform, neat and tidy is the way to go and it is impressive! Give viewers and potential buyers the real opportunity to see how the space can be utilised. Ensure all pillows are plumped, blankets are folded and that books are in ascending order if on bookshelves or on display.
  • Creating space is important, it gives the illusion of more room. This is especially important for areas such as the top of tall bookcases and shelves – removing clutter gives the sense of a higher ceiling and more space. You can also use things like shoe racks, coat hangers, and attractive storage baskets to keep things looking appealing.
  • Enhance the natural features of the property. Spanish properties are known for their character and charm, however, take time to repaint walls white, fill up any cracks and remove the old rug from your floors – especially if they are original wood.
  • Mirrors! Mirrors are great as they create the illusion of space and can be cheaply bought or thrifted, adding character as well as being eco-conscious. Point the mirrors in the direction of light, especially in a dark room, and just watch the room come to life.
  • Neutral tones are in style, but they are also a proven way to help you sell your home faster. They bring a calming affect and a cosy ambience, enticing people to want to be in the room and encouraging them to imagine living there. So, if you can, avoid bold patterns, prints and colours.
  • Create a more welcoming environment with the use of real or fake plants. Faux plants are the easiest option and can be cheap to buy.
  • For your outdoor spaces, get rid of any broken furniture, pottery and anything that could be considered as unkind to the look of your outdoor area. Tend to any flowers, plants and grass, particularly unsightly weeds or dead foliage. Repaint any outdoor areas that you feel may need it, especially outdoor terraces or balconies that haven’t been painted since you bought the property.
  • Invest in candles or reed diffusers, they last a very long time and create a welcoming aroma for those who walk in. The top recommended smells are Fresh bed linen, Lavender and Vanilla.
  • Photographs of the property used in print and online advertisement are very important. Anything that you would not want to be shown online, hide or ask for a different camera angle to be used. And always double check with the photographer that you are happy with the images!
  • Top tip! – Use cling film over plug holes to protect against any stale drain smells which tend to build when the property is empty. 
Selling my home Manilva
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