US conservatives go after Bud Light and Disney’s woke agendas

Dylan Mulvany and a discarded Bud Light Can

US conservatives go after Bud Light and Disney's woke agendas Credit: Daily Loud/Twitter

Conservatives in the US have attacked Disney and Bud Light over pandering to woke ideas as companies come under pressure to choose sides in LGBTQ+ debates. 

When Bud Light featured Dylan Mulvany, a transgender actress and social media personality in an advert, it caused uproar amongst their typical demographic.

As Daily Loud reported on Twitter: “Bud Light sales plunge 24% in latest week since Dylan Mulvaney disaster.”

Graham Allen went on to ask on Twitter: “Did NOBODY learn from Bud Light’s COSTLY mistake? Miller Lite just dropped this WOKE advertisement!!! When will these beer companies learn????”.

It seems conservative-leaning Americans can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to more progressive ideas. And now some are appealing to the Republican party to take on corporations who pander to what they consider ‘woke’ ideology.

Sarah Fields, 36, a mother of three stopped letting her kids watch Disney programs, having taken exception to the featuring of gay couples in their shows. She was quoted as saying by the BBC:

“My thing is protecting kids and the very first time I ever saw corporations pushing any kind of LGBTQ or any kind of trans ideology towards kids is when I really started to pay more attention. There are so many different ones, I can barely keep track.”

In American states such as Florida and Georgia, legislation has been passed or proposed that affects businesses such as Disney and Delta Airlines, who have spoken out over laws passed in their respective states.

Disney notably criticised a law that prevented gender and sexuality from being discussed in schools. Other legislation is being proposed in various states that would stop the government from working with companies that consider social and environmental factors when investing.

With conservative-leaning Americans looking for the Republican Party to put more pressure on companies whose political and ideological choices they don’t agree with, as well as voting with their feet on products such as Bud Light.

Bud Light moved quickly after the Dylan Mulvaney advert controversy to make ads with ‘all-American’ imagery but for some, the damage had already been done.

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