UPDATE: European Court For Human Rights REJECTS Application To Release Detained Members Of Ahmadi Religious Minority

Image from the Turkey-Bulgaria border checkpoint.

Image from the Turkey-Bulgaria border checkpoint. Credit: The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light on YouTube.

UPDATE: Thursday, July 27 at 11:50 pm

The European Court for Human Rights has rejected the application submitted for interim measures against Turkey. It was requesting the release of the people still being held in the Edirne detention centre for no reason, or at least the 22 children and the vulnerable ones.

On 21 July 2023, a letter was received from a duty judge of the European Court of Human Rights informing the group of the court’s decision not to indicate to the Government of Turkey the interim measure requested in respect of the applicants’ administrative detention.

According to the latest press release from the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, no reason was given by the ECHR for this refusal.


UPDATE: Saturday, July 15 at 1:20 am

According to a press release this Friday, July 14, from the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, Turkey is being taken to the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR).

An application has been submitted for interim measures against the Turkish government at the ECHR, with an urgent request to release the detainees who have been held since May 24.

Among those being held in a detention centre are 22 children and vulnerable members. It is hoped that the ECHR can force the Turkish authorities to revoke the deportation orders. Such a process would be legally binding.

A statement citing human rights concerns over the situation in Turkey was published recently by the UN OHCHR, which can be read in full here. The European Parliament also addressed it at an international conference as well on July 6.


UPDATE: Tuesday, June 6 at 8:55 pm

In the latest press release this Tuesday, June 6, from the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, two UK journalists speak out about the alleged torture and physical abuse of its detained members by the Turkish authorities.

There are currently 104 members imprisoned in Turkey and they have now reportedly had their water supply cut off. This is claimed to be part of a bigger scheme aimed at forcing them to sign deportation papers.

Disturbing reports from the two journalists – who were released without any charges  – include beatings, sexual assault, and torture, especially targeting the women and children who are among the detainees.

These two British citizens are said to be prepared to provide firsthand accounts of the illegal actions that have occurred in the Turkish detention centre.

Matin Yousef, a child who is an Iranian national reported being allegedly threatened with physical and sexual violence by Turkish police.

Many NGOs, movements, and influential figures are now reported by the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light to be mobilising in support of the detained group.

These include the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Irish MEP Clare Daly, who has openly criticised the EU’s policies.

An appeal has also been made to Ursula von der Leyen, the EU Commissioner by the human rights coordinator Hadil El-Khouly, along with a petition.


UPDATE: Thursday, June 1 at 8:10 pm

According to the latest press release from the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, 30 of its 104 members have been beaten, tortured and abused by the Turkish authorities in the Edirne deportation centre where they are being held.

First-hand video testimonies, voice recordings, and photographs from the detained members provided by the organisation detailed the torture and abuse they have been subjected to at the hands of the Turkish authorities.

30 of the detained members, including 10 women and 2 children, reported that they remained severely injured. Some have allegedly requested hospital visits, which were not granted.

One of the members, Redouane Foufa, from Algeria, reported being beaten while in detention and claimed he was injected with an unknown substance.

In a voice recording, he spoke of how the women and children were subjected to torture methods. He claimed that they were deprived of food and water for three days and made to stand in the sun and deprived of sleep.

Hassan Oyandi, a member of the religion from Turkey, described in a video testimony uploaded to the organisation’s YouTube channel being heavily beaten. He produced photographs showing visible bruises and swellings on parts of his body.

Two UK amateur journalists – Sermad Al-Khafaji and Alexandra Foreman – who had accompanied the group were also taken into custody. They were both accused of being British agents.

Mrs Foreman described being held in very bad conditions. She mentioned some members being forced to sign documents they did not understand and she was forced to witness a group being beaten in front of her.

Sermad Al-Khafaji reported in another video testimony on YouTube being very badly treated and severely beaten.

This is a clear violation of the Turkish Criminal Procedure Code Article 148 which states that:
“any bodily or mental intervention such as misconduct, torture and administering medicines, exhausting falsification, physical coercion or threatening to use certain equipment, is forbidden”, insisted the organisation.


UPDATE: Tuesday, May 30 at 8:23 pm

The 104 members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light being held at the Edirne public safety office in Turkey have now been issued deportation decisions by the Turkish authorities.

As a result, they face deportation within six days. This a decision that will most likely subject them to either imprisonment or even death sentences in their countries of origin when they returned.

However, there is still a chance to turn this alarming humanitarian situation around. A petition has been raised to the EU Commission to grant these peaceful families asylum in the EU.

A press release from the Ahmadi Religion of Peace reported this Tuesday, May 30, that the Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF) organisation is also calling upon the UN, EU and OSCE for Turkey to stop the deportation measures.


Saturday, May 27 at 8:23 pm

A serious humanitarian situation has developed at the Turkish-Bulgarian border in the last few days according to a statement released this Friday, May 26, by the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light.

It revealed that more than 100 members of The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, a persecuted religious minority, presented themselves at the border claiming asylum on Wednesday, May 24.

They are now reportedly being held at the Edirne public safety office – in a city situated 7 km from the Greek and 20 km from the Bulgarian borders – and face deportation within the next 7-10 days.

When a decision is finally made, it is one that will most likely subject them to either imprisonment or death sentences in their countries of origin.

The Ahmadi group was refused entry, violently beaten, pushed back, and detained by the Turkish border police on Wednesday. Gunshots were fired over their heads, they were threatened, and their belongings thrown away.

Among the group of 104 individuals are families, women, children and elderly people. They have been subjected to extreme and systematic forms of religious persecution all across Muslim-majority countries because of their faith.

The reason why they face these persecutions is because they follow a man named Aba Al-Sadiq whom they consider
to be the awaited Mahdi. They follow his controversial message which includes the establishment of a new Covenant after Islam.

Live footage of the incident at the border was uploaded onto the group’s YouTube channel, which can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Some of the controversial teachings of this Covenant state that the wearing of the headscarf is not an obligation, the fasting of the month of Ramadan falls in December of each year, the five daily prayers are abrogated and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is permissible.

Due to these beliefs, they were considered ‘heretics’ and ‘infidels’ which posed a significant threat to their lives. They had previously been beaten, imprisoned, kidnapped, humiliated and terrorised in countries like Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Azerbaijan and Thailand.

They had gathered in Turkey and were on their way to the Turkish-Bulgarian border to assume their human right to request asylum directly from the Bulgarian Border Police.

That would be in line with Article 58(4) of the Law on Asylum and Refugees (LAR), which states that asylum can be applied for with a verbal statement submitted in front of the border police.

Additionally, an open letter by the European Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN) was sent on Tuesday, May 23, with 28 human rights organisations and bodies signing their endorsement.

Together, they urged for the protection of the group and that their right to claim asylum at the border be upheld, in accordance with international law.

After being held at the Edirne public safety office for more than 24 hours, 83 members of the group were transferred to a deportation centre, the remaining 20 will likely follow.

It is expected that deportation decisions be issued within 36 hours. In Iran, members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light were detained in Evin prison on December 2022 because of their beliefs.

They were threatened with execution if they refused to sign papers to recant their faith and defame the religion. Similarly, members in Iraq suffered gun attacks on their homes by armed militias, and scholars called for them to be killed.

Issuing deportation decisions for these families would be a clear violation on Turkey’s behalf of the core principle of nonrefoulement.

According to international refugee and human rights law, it prohibits returning individuals to a country where they would face torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and other irreparable harm.

Representatives of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light have implored Turkey not to proceed with the deportation of these families to their countries of origin.

These families would be put in danger in their countries of origin and Turkey would be responsible for any loss of life if they are returned to the countries they have escaped from.

Human Rights Without Frontiers published an article about the situation on May 25, as did the EU Reporter one day earlier. It was also reported today, Saturday 27, by the European Times, and Global Voices.

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Written by

Chris King

Originally from Wales, Chris spent years on the Costa del Sol before moving to the Algarve where he is a web reporter for The Euro Weekly News covering international and Spanish national news. Got a news story you want to share? Then get in touch at editorial@euroweeklynews.com


    • Marc

      27 May 2023 • 22:06

      This people are peaceful and just want to be free to think what they want and don’t be persecuted for that

    • Ardijan

      27 May 2023 • 22:08

      These are innocent people we are talking about. They committed no crime except believing in a religion that the country does not accept. Please release them.

    • Sajid Ali

      27 May 2023 • 22:09

      Thank you for reporting on this traversty Chris, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    • Joseph McGowen

      27 May 2023 • 22:10

      How can international law be broken so easily?! It was all captured on Live Stream and the Turkish border patrol were being filmed and they didn’t care. Innocent men, women and children (some elderly, some infant and some with health conditions), all fleeing horrendous persecution from countries like Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Jordan and Azerbaijan (where they were beaten, tortured, imprisoned, humiliated, threatened, had their houses fired upon, and even had their rights as citizens stripped from them) simply because of their beliefs – ALL did the right thing to go to the border of Turkey and Bulgaria to seek asylum verbally according to European/International Law. According to the Law Turkey claims to uphold. They were met with batons and more gun shots and now all await deportation. Deportation for these men and women and children = death. Please support them. Please help them.

    • Nada

      27 May 2023 • 22:10

      Thank you Chris king for writing this article and euroweeklynews for publishing…

      These people came by legally asking for help and practicing their legal rights to asylum and the Turkish border answered them with a Batons! Beating and shooting at them…. How cruel.

    • McGowen Patty

      27 May 2023 • 22:11

      Shame on Turkey. I’m from the US and wrote to my ambassador. Haven’t gotten a reply yet but the US is watching Turkey. Do the right thing Turkey.

    • Aliaa

      27 May 2023 • 22:12

      What happened is heartbreaking 💔. Already persecuted people who thought they reached a place where they will be treated with humanity. We were shocked about what happened.

    • Amir

      27 May 2023 • 22:15

      This is a clear violation of international laws for refugees and put them in an imminent danger. Turkey must stop the deportation immediately and release them, otherwise their blood will be on Turkey’s hand.

    • Farzana

      27 May 2023 • 22:16

      Thank you to all those involved in publishing this critical news at euro weekly news. It’s appalling that this happens in this day and age. We hope Turkey takes the right steps and do what is necessary and the people get their Human Rights.

    • Mothana aljanabi

      27 May 2023 • 22:19

      We are a persecuted religious minority.
      The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light. Over 103 members of our members have been detained for the last 3 days after a violent push-back at the Turkish-Bulgarian border claiming asylum. They will face death if they get deported to there countries.
      Please support us.

    • Mahmoud AbdulMajeuid

      27 May 2023 • 22:19

      This is not befitting for a country that claims to believe in and preserve human rights and justice ، This is a flagrant violation of human rights

    • Sarah B

      27 May 2023 • 22:21

      Thank you for bringing awareness to this oppressed group

    • Omar

      27 May 2023 • 22:34

      What is happening today to the members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light by all meanings is a new “Holocaust”, history will stand as a witness of what will the so called free countries react! Will the EU countries turn their backs on an oppressed innocent and peaceful group of people who have done nothing but believing in God in a deferent way than their communities are used to ? Or those EU countries will do their duties and execute the lows of human rights and take an Honorable stand to prove that their values are not just a theoretical ones, it’s just about time now to prove it to their people and to the world.

    • Danyal Haider

      27 May 2023 • 22:34

      Thank You Chris King for taking your time and putting out there the harassment and oppression the Ahmadi Religion Of Peace And Light have been recieving. This is very shocking and sad, the 103 members committed no crime and wanted to claim asylum but were rejected and abused and pushed back by the Turkish Border Police.

    • Arnaud

      27 May 2023 • 22:35

      Thank you for your suppory

    • Aqeela

      27 May 2023 • 22:40

      The Turkish government is popular for oppression of other faiths and opinions and the world can’t continue accepting these violations of human rights anymore. What did these people do to beat them up brutally and arrest them? All they wanted was to save their lives from other oppressors who has persecuted them. It’s heartbreaking and a shame to oppress those that have seen already so much hardships

    • HUSAM

      27 May 2023 • 22:52

      How on earth can the Turkish government call itself a country of moral standards if they sent all these oppressed people back to the same countries they fled from.

    • Juliette

      27 May 2023 • 23:00

      What a sad an outrageous situation we have here!
      The world has almost lost its humanity, but I really hope for these people that there is still some humanity out there to protect them and provide them with a refuge.
      These humanitarian organisations surely need to do something about it and Bulgaria take them in since Turkey doesn’t want them, deporting them will put their lives at risk, why would someone willingly do something like that knowing that it’s like sending them to death?
      Thank you for the article, it’s gives hope to know that there are people out there ready to speak up and tell the truth!

    • Nardeen

      27 May 2023 • 23:06

      Thanks to everyone who is bringing awareness to our oppressed members the case is clear

    • Rosemary

      27 May 2023 • 23:16

      This is unacceptable that we allow human rights violations like this. How is it possible to inflict harm to people for practicing their beliefs? suffering abuse, beatings, being shot at, imprisoned and terrorised. Thank you for shedding light on the oppression of innocent people, this could be a huge human rights scandal if the poor individuals are deported

    • Ismael

      27 May 2023 • 23:19

      Is very Shamefoul how people dont care about human lifes, This people are a persecuted religious minority who seeks asylum from extreme religious persecution they have endured in their countries of origin.

    • Asmaa Ahmed Abdelaah

      27 May 2023 • 23:28

      Humanity before borders, where is that humanity? We are a small group whose countries have weakened us. Where should we go?
      We heard about the humanity of the West, so we knocked on their doors to discover that humanity is just a slogan
      The Turkish government has committed a crime against this vulnerable group, and we call on all humanitarian organizations to work and help us according to the provisions of their humanitarian laws

    • Nasran

      27 May 2023 • 23:32

      What they’re doing to them are absolutely unacceptable and disgusting.

    • Mirza

      27 May 2023 • 23:39

      Freedom for the member of Ahmadi Religion of peace and light

    • Mokhtar Aal Al-mahdi

      28 May 2023 • 00:06

      Thank you for reporting the cause of the oppressed, innocent and peaceful members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light to the whole world to witness what Turkish authorities done to those oppressed members! And to let the EU countries be informed of the urgent case to take the necessary steps and to fulfill their obligations to humanitarian lows.

    • Runa

      28 May 2023 • 00:21

      The good faith with which these vulnerable persecuted believers have presented themselves at the border to do things right has been met with violent breaking of the law in open daylight by Turkey and Europe as a whole. The system is a monster. Refugees are unable to even hand in their cases. They simply get bloodied and treated like human trash.
      We won’t live until our brothers live.
      “True love is selfless. It is the type of love which makes a person happily give up his life in order that the one he loves may live. Jesus (peace is from him) said : “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” So the greatest of love is selfless love. That is true love.” – Aba Sadiq

    • Elzahraa Ibrahim

      28 May 2023 • 00:49

      Thank you for writing about the members of the ahmadi religion of peace and light case and highlighting it for the world to see! They can’t be sent back to their home country’s, its as if they’re giving a death sentence by whoever send them back! It’s dangerous, and we have seen the reason why they left in the first place, and why they can never return!

    • Rosemary

      28 May 2023 • 00:51

      Thank you for reporting the oppression against the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light members who have done nothing wrong. All they want is to practice their beliefs in peace without persecution. They have been through so much sufferings in their homelands and foreign countries majority Islamic countries and then they are faced with more persecution from the Turkish Police using brutal violence and imprisonent. If the members are deported Turkey could risk a International human rights scandal

    • Guillaume

      28 May 2023 • 01:20

      This is insanity and mist be solved by higher international authorities!

    • sabah

      28 May 2023 • 02:48

      Words escape me, I’m in shock at the crimes committed in broad daylight by countries that claim they uphold human rights. The Turkish government along with Bulgaria, are guilty of abuse and persection to an already persecuted group of people. Members of The Ahmedi religion of peace and light have further been subjected to human rights abuse, by the threat of being deported back to thier countries of origin, where they are likely to be executed. If this happens to them clearly theses nations have failed humanity and will have blood on their hands, and with that comes consequences whether in this life or the next, whether these failed inhumane nations believe it or not.

    • Veronica Al Almahdi

      28 May 2023 • 04:47

      I can’t understand how we love in a world where when you ask for help, as your life and your family are at risk, you get beaten and incarcerated. I really thank this article and I pray everyone in this world have the freedom to live their faith in peace

    • Juraj Kula

      28 May 2023 • 05:40

      This article sheds light on the heartbreaking situation faced by the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light at the Turkish-Bulgarian border. It’s truly disheartening to see how they are being denied entry, facing violence, and the threat of deportation. Their religious beliefs should not be a reason for persecution. We must stand together to protect the rights of all individuals, regardless of their faith. #AhmadiPersecution #HumanRights

    • Michelle

      28 May 2023 • 08:51

      Thank you Chris King for your article highlighting the plight of these families and persecuted members of our faith. Every voice that stands against oppression and raises awareness is a valued voice that calls for humanity

    • Caroline Hören

      28 May 2023 • 10:32

      It was such a tragic event that unfolded on live Tv! How are these people supposed to ask for refugee status in Bulgaria legally at the border crossing, when the Turkish police force pushes them back?

    • Rosemary

      28 May 2023 • 10:57

      Thank you for covering this story, i hope they find safety and their human rights are fulfilled

    • Ahmane Hacene

      29 May 2023 • 12:34

      It’s unacceptable shame on turish government .humans before borders

    • Najmeddine rahma

      29 May 2023 • 20:23

      Merci de soutenir notre cause, la cause humaine de la paix. Merci à tous les médias libres qui adoptent des questions cruciales comme celle-ci. Nous vous demandons de signer notre pétition car cela nous aidera beaucoup. Frères, merci vraiment parce que vous êtes respectueux et impartial.

      Thank you for supporting our cause, the human cause of peace. Thank you to all the free media who take up crucial issues like this. We ask you to sign our petition because it will help us so much. Brothers, thank you very much because you are respectful and impartial.

    • Nesrin Al almahdi

      30 May 2023 • 11:25

      ‏We demand the release of supporters of the Ahmadi religion peace of light , This religion is a religion of love and peace. Why did freedom of belief not apply! Every human being has a freedom of belief and freedom to follow it, these people were persecuted by their families and rulers and wanted to resort to human safety before religion, mercy before religion, love before religion, please save them🙏🏼

    • Zhraa abdullah Ahmad

      30 May 2023 • 11:33

      من تعاليم قائد ديننا الانسانية اولا نحن اناس مسالمون نسعى الى نشر السلام والحب لكل العالم ونبذ الصراعات والاختلافات بين البشر ولكن الدول الطاغوتية تعتبرنا مرتدين عن الاديان ويبحثون عنا في بلداننا نخفي خطر لا نعيش بسلام تهديدات مستمرة ،نريد حقنا في الحياة واذا تم أعادة الافراد المعتقلين الى بلدانهم فهذا بالتأكيد حكم عليهم بالاعدام ،نطالب بأطلاق سراحهم والسماح لهم بالعبور الى بلاد امنة

      One of the teachings of the leader of our religion is humanity first. We are peaceful people who seek to spread peace and love to all the world and reject conflicts and differences between people. However, tyrannical states consider us apostates and search for us in our countries. We hide danger. We do not live in peace. Constant threats. We want our right to life. If the arrested individuals are returned to Their countries, this certainly sentenced them to death, we demand their release and allow them to cross to safe countries

    • Charaf eddine

      30 May 2023 • 11:40

      🚨 URGENT: Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding at Turkish-Bulgarian Border! Members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace & Light Detained! 🆘

      We need your attention and support! Over 100 innocent men, women, and children from the Ahmadi Religion of Peace & Light, fleeing persecution in extremist Muslim-backed states, have been detained at the Turkish-Bulgarian border for the past four days. They have endured unimaginable horrors, from imprisonment and torture to threats of execution, all because of their beliefs. The Turkish Border patrol subjected them to extreme violence instead of assessing their asylum claims, violating international laws. Now, there are fears that the Turkish government will deport them back to their home countries, where they face imprisonment or even death.

      Read the full article and stand up for the believers of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace & Light. We must support them in this time of crisis. They have reached out to international human rights organizations, but legal costs are escalating, and they need financial aid and humanitarian support. Please join us in taking action and spread awareness. Our faith and our brothers and sisters are at stake.

    • Nesrin Al almahdi

      30 May 2023 • 11:48

      Save innocent human people 🙏🏼humanity above all ,humanity before borders and thank you for sharing and support.

    • Rawaa Al almahdi

      30 May 2023 • 11:57

      Thank you for standing on the side of the oppressed
      Deporting them means sending them to die. We hope to put pressure on the Turkish government to stop the deportation

    • Mohammad

      30 May 2023 • 12:01

      Save the innocent people, humanity before the border, they did not violate the laws, why are they arrested, we demand their freedom and not to deport them

    • Marrk

      30 May 2023 • 12:26

      What the Turkish government says about detaining a group of people who belong to the religion of peace and light Al-Ahmadi is nothing but a clear act of racism and discrimination on the part of the Turkish government, and we demand the release of the detained innocent people

    • Johnny

      30 May 2023 • 12:36

      The detention of immigrants carried out by the Turkish government is completely unacceptable, as it constitutes a violation of the human rights of children, women and the elderly

    • Asma

      30 May 2023 • 13:01

      A country that claims to have freedom and is still ruled by the same president for nearly ten years, despite the majority’s rejection of him (Where is the freedom)
      And a country as well that claims to be merciful by feeding animals
      And they treat people, especially immigrants, with racism, so where is the mercy?
      This is the Türkiye we are talking about, a country that deceives its people with freedom and mercy, and they deceive the world with that
      A country that dealt with a group of 103 people in a brutal way, despite the presence of children, the elderly, and women
      A country that only looked at its own interest.
      So why treat this group in such a brutal way?
      Ask yourselves why!

    • shadi mahdi

      30 May 2023 • 13:15

      أنصار دين السلام و النور الأحمدي في الشرق الأوسط في حالة خطره هم دائما معرضون الى الاعتقال و حياتهم في خطر يجب على دول الاتحاد الاوروبي أن يقفوا موقفا عادلا و انسانيا مع هذه الأقلية الدينية المض
      طهدة و يسمحوا لهم باللجوء الى دولهم .

      Supporters of the religion of peace and light Al-Ahmadi in the Middle East, in case of danger, they are always exposed to arrest and their lives are in danger. The countries of the European Union must take a fair and humane stance with this persecuted religious minority and allow them to seek refuge in their countries.

    • Runa

      30 May 2023 • 15:42

      Europe has to stop what looks like the beginning of a new holocaust.

    • صدام

      30 May 2023 • 17:36

      ان ما تقوم به الحكومة التركية من ترويع واضطهاد لجماعة دين السلام والنور الاحمدي وعدم اعطائهم حرية الجوء والهرب من دولهم المجرمة لهو قتل للحرية بكل معانيها فنرجو من الحكومة التركية اطلاق سراح 103فرد من أعضاء الدينا لكي ينالوا الحرية بعد ما تركوا بيوتهم خوفا من الموت المحتوم على يد المليشيات الموجودة في ايران والعراق وتايلندا وغيرها

      What the Turkish government is doing in terms of intimidation and persecution of the group of the Religion of Peace and Light Al-Ahmadi and not giving them freedom of asylum and fleeing from their criminal countries is killing freedom in all its meanings.

    • حكيم

      30 May 2023 • 17:40

      على الاتراك وقف ترحيل 103من أعضاء دين السلام والنور الاحمدي لما سيواجهون من خطر الموت في بلدانهم

      The Turks must stop the deportation of 103 members of the Religion of Peace and Light Al-Ahmadi, because they will face the danger of death in their countries

    • ضياء

      30 May 2023 • 17:43

      تعد ما تفعله الحكومة التركية من ترحيل الاعضاء دين السلام والنور الاحمدي انتهاك للحرية نطالب باطلاق سراحهم فوراً

      What the Turkish government is doing of deporting members of the Religion of Peace and Noor Al-Ahmadi is a violation of freedom. We demand their immediate release.

    • lina

      30 May 2023 • 18:15

      thanks for the reporting
      Turkey will break an international law if a decision is made to deport these peaceful innocent believers as their lives and the lives of their children are threatened. Some are surely going to be killed if they go back to iran and others will face long time imprisonment. all that just because of their faith! So as a humanitarian issue Turkey has to set them free and europe has to welcome them.

    • Mariam

      30 May 2023 • 19:24

      Where is freedom of belief, where are human rights?

    • Mary Alhashmi

      31 May 2023 • 06:11

      Thank you for your support of our humanitarian cause…. We hope that you will liberate the people of our religion before they leave for their country because they will face death and torture from their governments.

    • Fatima Alhashmi

      31 May 2023 • 07:06

      Thank you for your support of our humanitarian cause…. We hope that you will liberate the people of our religion before they leave for their country because they will face death and torture from their governments.

    • Danyal Haider

      01 June 2023 • 21:30

      This is very shameful towards turkey .. didn’t expect something like this from you .. if anything happens to our people, it’s going to be very bad for you because the blood of these 100 of innocent people, falls on your hands.

    • Alaa

      01 June 2023 • 21:34

      Thank you for your support..Turkey broke the international law, which says freedom of belief and thought is preserved, and they came with all the documents that prove that they are persecuted..We want to take a serious matter against these oppressed people, and they ask for protection and a safe haven for them, and that Turkey should open the borders for them to go to Bulgaria

    • Nardeen

      01 June 2023 • 21:35

      Thank you for your support. We have been waiting for the truth to be communicated. We request the responsible authorities to intervene immediately in order to rescue the detained members of the Religion of Peace and Light Al-Ahmadi.

    • Alaa

      01 June 2023 • 21:36

      Thank you for your support..Turkey broke the international law, which says freedom of belief and thought is preserved, and they came with all the documents proving that they are persecuted..We want to take a serious matter against these oppressed

    • Ne3ma

      01 June 2023 • 21:39

      These innocent people didn’t want anything except living in peace and practice their belief freely… So shame on you TURKEY


    • Alaa

      01 June 2023 • 21:44

      Torture and intimidation are not among the characteristics of the children of Adam, but rather from the characteristics of Satan, and God is the owner of the kingdom and gave freedom to all his creatures. A large prison and around them are wires and barriers. This is the condition of human beings, whom God created free, and the law of confinement, visa visas, and barriers have become human laws. The world is rotating, and today humans are in chains unlike animals.

    • Kevin

      01 June 2023 • 21:47

      What we are witnessing is how these governments who present themselves as progressive and open have absolutely no problem in breaking their own laws whenever they want just because of their hatred of humanity. And the international community is sitting there watching and refusing to do anything about it. That’s how much they care about humanity, that’s how honest they truly are. They are nothing but hypocrites exposing themselves.

    • Nesrin

      01 June 2023 • 22:04

      We call all the human rights organisations to intervene immediately in the case of members of the Ahmadi Religion peace and light ,grant them asylum and refugee and treat them as citizens and give them the right to human rights

    • John

      01 June 2023 • 22:09

      What the Turkish government is doing of deporting members of the Religion of Peace and Noor Al-Ahmadi is a violation of freedom. We demand their immediate release.

    • Mahmoud

      01 June 2023 • 22:16

      Turkey clearly does not abide by the principles of human rights, and this is an insult to every human being. How does it threaten the lives of these innocent people fleeing for peace and humanity to Europe!

    • Ahmad

      01 June 2023 • 22:17

      #Turkey, the Islamic country that claims to preserve and respect #human_rights, violates all norms and laws that call for the upholding of human values and respect for freedom of belief, conscience and expression.

    • Omaralalmhade

      01 June 2023 • 22:45

      على العالم الحر ان يتخذ موقف أخلاقي وانساني للافراج عن اللاجئين وتوفير ملجأ آمن

      The free world must take a moral and humane stance to release the refugees and provide a safe haven

    • Omar alalmahde

      01 June 2023 • 23:06

      ان لم يقوم المجتمع الدولي بالتدخل فقد يتعرضون للموت او السجن في حال ترحيلهم لبلدانهم

      If the international community does not intervene, they may face death or imprisonment if they are deported to their countries

    • Veronica Al Almahdi

      02 June 2023 • 00:05

      Thank you so much for your support. In this kind of situation where vulnerable people are experiencing Mistreatment and loneliness when expecting the opposite, I really cherish those who still care about human life.

    • HamdAN e

      02 June 2023 • 01:27

      الإنسانية قبل الحدود

      Humanity before borders

    • HamdAN e

      02 June 2023 • 01:31

      نطالب بالافراج على أتباع دين السلام والنورالاحمدي آل 103الذين احتجزتهم القوات الحدودية التركية

      We demand the release of the followers of the religion of peace and Noor Al-Ahmadi Al 103 who were detained by the Turkish border forces

    • Juraj

      02 June 2023 • 02:23

      “We cannot stay silent! The situation unfolding in Turkey is deeply distressing. 104 Ahmadi members and 2 journalists are unjustly detained and face imminent deportation. Disturbing reports of abuse and torture have surfaced, violating their basic human rights. It’s time to take action and demand justice! Let’s unite our voices, reach out to the United Nations, human rights organizations, and the media to intervene and ensure the safety and well-being of these individuals. Together, we can make a difference. #StandWithAhmadi #HumanRights #JusticeForAll”

    • Mokhtar

      02 June 2023 • 11:03

      Thank you for reporting such an urgent issue

    • Kamal Al-Almahdi

      06 June 2023 • 17:54

      Freedom for our brothers

    • Ahmed Hallal

      06 June 2023 • 21:38

      Thank you very much for all your support, the Turkish government is going against all international and human right laws

    • Nardeen

      06 June 2023 • 21:44

      Thank you Euroweekly for your support, hoping for immediate intervention from all the free people of the world in order to stop the acts of injustice and violations of human rights by the Turkish government and to guarantee the right of asylum for detainees of the Ahmadi religion, peace and light

    • Alaa

      06 June 2023 • 21:45

      Thanks, exposing the Turkish government for the act it has taken is to wake up the refugees and all the people. If you do not want the refugees, why do you not say openly, we do not want the refugees, and treat them in this way??

    • Reema

      06 June 2023 • 21:47

      نطالب جميع المعنيين في حقوق الانسان ان يتبنوا هذه القضية الانسانيه لان هذه المجموعة الذين جاءوا هاربين من بلدانهم من الاضطهادالى تركيا لطلب الحريه في ممارسة حقهم كبشر لممارسة معتقدهم بامان وسلام

      We call on all concerned with human rights to adopt this humanitarian cause because this group who came fleeing from their countries of persecution to Turkey to seek freedom to exercise their right as human beings to practice their belief in safety and peace

    • Batool

      06 June 2023 • 21:50

      Thank you for your support

    • Reema

      06 June 2023 • 21:50

      We demand the release of the brothers and granting them asylum as a human right for all. The right to live in peace and security. This is all their demands for peace and to live away from persecution and torture by their countries. They demanded asylum in a country that preserves their freedom.

    • Samah

      06 June 2023 • 21:55

      Thankyou for the update. It’s important for the world to hear the testimonies from the believers and know what oppression and brutality they were subjected to. The stories are horrific and very disturbing. Action has to be taken against the barbaric government of Turkey

    • Elzahraa Ibrahim

      06 June 2023 • 21:57

      Humanity before boarders, help and support the detained members of the ahmadi religion of peace and light, they need every help and support possible.

    • sabah

      06 June 2023 • 22:24

      Thank you euroweekly for reporting about the latest developments, it’s a dire situation as you know. The Ahmedi members are in a very dangerous situation that could result in many of them being executed if the deportation orders are not halted, while others would face life imprisonment and torture.
      Turkey must be held responsible for all the human rights violations they have committed. We are

    • Rosemary

      06 June 2023 • 22:37

      Thank you for the update its evern more dangerous then we initially thought the torture they’ve been through and sexual violence on children and minors and men and women,. Turkish authorities deprived them of food, water, sleep and threatened to kill them if they said a word to anyone. How despicable and evil of the Turkish authorities, Turkey has no shame, they are barbaric criminals

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