Crypto News: ETH presale holder consolidates $15m fund; Caged Beasts’ Website Live in 14 Days

Crypto News: ETH presale holder consolidates $15m fund; Caged Beasts’ Website Live in 14 Days

In 2015, an Ethereum wallet, that had been lying dormant, purchased 8,000 ether worth $14.8 million during Ethereum’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Recently, this wallet stirred back to life, transferring its hefty digital funds to a different address. With the price of ether tokens during the ICO standing at $0.31, this significant return on investment amounts to a staggering 591,900% at current prices.

While Ethereum experiences these high-stakes transactions, the meme coin market is buzzing with the arrival of a new sensation, Caged Beasts, gearing up for its presale event and website launch in the next two weeks. Buying early into the meme coin might replicate the Ethereum success story, especially with the ongoing meme frenzy.

Let’s first understand why Ethereum is still worth buying into despite being a crypto giant.

Ethereum: A Deeper Dive

Ethereum, a driving force in the crypto space, has a dynamic range of projects and developments to its credit. One key development in the Ethereum ecosystem is the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocol, which democratises financial instruments traditionally exclusive to financial institutions.

The ecosystem also thrives with numerous Ethereum-based projects like Compound, DeversiFi, Orion Protocol, and more, which offer innovative solutions and drive market growth. Furthermore, several project ideas, including a Distributed Exchange (DEX), ERC721 Game, and Credit Access, cater to beginners.

Ethereum’s roadmap outlines ambitious upgrades, transitioning it into a resilient, scalable platform. Additionally, Layer 2 crypto projects like Polygon, Mantle, and Arbitrum promise to boost Ethereum’s performance post-Merge.

Ethereum Future

Looking forward, Ethereum’s future seems bright. Its pioneering smart contracts make it a popular choice for crypto investors. With Ethereum’s implementation of EIP-1559, the supply of ETH is expected to decrease, which may result in price appreciation. Based on historical data, Ethereum’s price predictions for 2030-2050 range from $9,798.93 to $21,686.80.

Caged Beasts: An Emerging Star

Emerging in the vast crypto cosmos is a project that shows robust commitment to its community, Caged Beasts (BEASTS). The project aims to offer an engaging and profitable platform to its community through various events and competitions. Caged Beasts hold transparency at its core, enabling the community to monitor the locked funds’ ledger.

To maximise early investment returns, Caged Beasts plans to increase token value at each presale stage. Moreover, they’ve earmarked 25% of their total funds for marketing to amplify their reach and establish a strong market presence. Caged Beasts have carefully blended community engagement with investment opportunities, inviting potential investors to become part of this thrilling crypto journey.

Caged Beasts’ Strategic Marketing Approach

Caged Beasts, the new entrant to the crypto scene, has crafted a strategic token allocation system to drive its growth. They’ve locked 75% of the raised funds for liquidity, ensuring market stability. But what truly distinguishes them is the allocation of 25% of the funds for marketing.

Their dynamic marketing strategy includes social media competitions, giveaways, and events to foster strong community engagement. Moreover, Caged Beasts have introduced a unique referral system that offers mutual benefits for both referrers and referees. This innovative tactic, paired with an engaging storyline, has the potential to fuel growth and establish a thriving Caged Beasts community.


In conclusion, both Ethereum and Caged Beasts demonstrate the dynamic and rewarding nature of the cryptocurrency landscape. Ethereum’s significant growth and future potential, along with Caged Beasts’ unique approach to community engagement and marketing, make them noteworthy for any crypto investor. As we continue to navigate this intriguing digital realm, it’s important to stay informed and seize the potential opportunities offered by these promising platforms.

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WARNING: The investment in crypto assets is not regulated, it may not be suitable for retail investors and the total amount invested could be lost

AVISO IMPORTANTE: La inversión en criptoactivos no está regulada, puede no ser adecuada para inversores minoristas y perderse la totalidad del importe invertido

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