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Political correctness

I’m not doing this PC stuff anymore

I’m still in the USA and I know I have written about this place before but I have to relate a couple of things that have happened to me whilst I’m here.

I went to see a doctor in Houston and then took a flight to Las Vegas on a small puddle jumper. That is what they call the planes that fly the short trips. I get in my seat and buckle up ready for my flight.  I’m in the window seat. I look up and coming down the aisle is a large man – a very large man!  I’m talking omfg large!!

Now let me point out he is not fat (I’m not even sure I can say that anymore). He is just a huge bloke and of course he manoeuvers into the middle seat next to me. Now I’m not a great chatter on a plane and never have been. I’m not interested in striking up a conversation with a complete stranger who wants to know my life story. So as soon as I sit in my seat I make myself busy. It used to be reading all the stuff in the seat pocket, including what to do with the sick bag, but now I just put my headphones on either to watch a film on my laptop or listen to music.

Anyway he sits down and within a few minutes he has his head back and is asleep, but he has the whole armrest and is now well into my seat too! So what do you do?  Well I’m not well known for my ‘suffering in silence’ abilities so when the cabin crew lady with the trolley asks if I want anything out comes, “Yes a bigger seat please as I’m sharing mine with him”! He looks at me and says, “What’s the matter”?  I tell him that he is invading my space (I’m being American – it’s what they say). There is no apology. Nothing. Just a big huffing noise and a horrified look from the air hostess.  Well, I’m not doing this PC stuff anymore. He moves his arms so I can have my seat to myself. I really don’t get it. Why am I made to feel bad because he is a big guy?

The rest of the flight was OK but I don’t think I’m on his Christmas card list and it was interesting to see the reaction of other people that heard what was going on. What would you have done? I’d be interested to know. Email me at mikesenker@gmail.com let me have your thoughts.

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Mike Senker

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