Mike Senker – What Are These New Words


I WAS having a chat with someone the other day and was told that I need to ‘chillax’ more. Chillax?

What is it with these new words? I have only just learnt to chill. Now I’m being told I have to chillax which, of course, is a cross between chill and relax. I don’t want to chillax. I want to relax, like I used to. And, if I find a new bloke mate and we get on well I think I’ve got a new mate. I’m not having a bromance! Me and Mrs S went for a ride out for the day and when I was discussing what a nice time we had I was informed that ‘daycations’ are a good way to chillax. What happened to a day trip? What is the need to invent new words? Watching American Idol the geezer says the song is ‘dope’ which, when I was young, was someone we considered to be a little silly. But now being the dope is a form of compliment! The worst thing of all is using last year’s word, whatever that is. So this got me thinking about how people, especially politicians, have changed or invented words to disguise what’s really happened. I remember I kept reading about ‘collateral damage’ in the air raids in Iraq etc. and it took some time for me to understand that they were killing innocent people at the same time as the baddies and even sometimes their own soldiers. Pre-emptive Strike: this is the new term for attacking people who haven’t touched you yet. To put it in a more social setting it is equivalent to going up to a man in a bar and punching him just in case he happens to spill your beer later on. “I’m glad you asked me that” means that the interviewer is not going to get an answer in any way, shape or form from the slimy, lying, thieving politician smiling like a silent assassin sitting opposite him!

So now I’m going to give myself some downtime, put on my onesie and do something on the outer net.  Maybe have a munch as I don’t want to get hangry! In other words I’m getting changed, going to watch TV and have something to eat.


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Written by

Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.