Two people attacked by machete wielding man in Barcelona yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’

Spanish police arrest machete-wielding Moroccan national.

Spanish police arrest machete-wielding Moroccan national.

Two people were attacked by a mentally ill man who chased them with a machete on Sunday evening.

Catalonian police managed to apprehend and arrest a Moroccan national who chased people through the streets while wielding a machete, but that wasn’t until he attacked two citizens, leaving one with an injury to their arm.

It’s believed that the man was unable to seriously harm either of the people as one of them was able to run away before being slashed, while the other person only sustained an arm injury as they looked to defend themselves.

The police have claimed that the man didn’t just attack these two people but also caused damage to several vehicles while making his way along the streets of Mataro and was also seen to be shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ which means God is great.

Two people attacked with a machete in Barcelona

Despite the man shouting those words, which were also spoken by the man who stabbed a French teacher to death just a few days ago, local police have already ruled out this being a possible terrorist attack, which will be a slight relief given the tension all over Europe.

According to the police, this incident occurred at around 8 pm Sunday, October, 15 on the Mata de Mataro highway with it now being clear he was under the influence of both alcohol and drugs which has seemingly played a part in this attack.

The man who is of Moroccan nationality is also said to suffer from mental health problems, so it seems as though he certainly wasn’t in a good place when trying to chase people down with a machete for no reason.

Attacks are on the rise all over Europe

Despite the police moving quickly to lower the threat level as well as disclaiming any possible chance of it being a terrorist attack, the two men who were the ones at the centre of this incident were far less calm about the situation.

According to reports in Spain, the men who have been speaking to and assisting the police believe the machete-wielding man had every intention of killing them and as they heard him making terrorist proclamations, so perhaps the police should not have acted so hastily and said it wasn’t a terrorist offence.

The suspect is now being detained by Catalonian police and being accused of two crimes of attempted murder and the incident was looked at by the Investigation Unit of the Mataro police station.

It’s a worrying situation that someone was apparently making terrorist proclamations with everything that is going on across Europe, in particular, in France and Belgium over the last few days that has seen at least three people killed by apparent terrorists.

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