Spain’s Progress In Tackling Gender Violence

International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women

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THIS Saturday marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

With the focus on gender violence, the United Nations has underscored a grim reality: violence against women and girls remains the world’s most rampant human rights violation, stated a report on Friday, November 24 from Spain’s Ministry of Interior.

Two Decades Of Change

In the two decades since 2003, when Spain began compiling data on gender violence, there has been a notable decrease in such crimes.

The Ministry of the Interior’s Gender Violence, Studies and Training Area reports a 29.57 per cent decline in sexist murders from 2003 to 2022. This shift reflects the effectiveness of ongoing efforts to address this critical issue.

The Viogen System: A Strategic Tool

The Comprehensive Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence (VioGen System) plays a pivotal role in this progress.

By systematically analysing homicide data, it helps identify risk factors and patterns. This analysis is crucial for devising strategies to combat gender violence more effectively.

For instance, in 2003, there were 71 sexist homicides, while in 2022, this number had fallen to 50. Already in 2023, however, 52 such murders have been recorded.

Advances In Victim Protection

Experts have divided the past 20 years into two 10-year cycles for deeper analysis. Between 2003-2012, 659 sexist homicides were logged, compared to 526 from 2013-2022.

This 20.18 per cent decrease confirms a consistent downward trend. The Viogen System’s collaboration with academic institutions has led to enhanced victim protection protocols and measures to prevent violence from persistent offenders.

Looking ahead, the Ministry of the Interior is set to launch the Viogen II System, which will further refine risk assessment for victims. Additionally, renewed emphasis on training and specialisation of State Security Forces and Bodies personnel is expected to strengthen institutional mechanisms against gender violence.

The Ongoing Challenge

As the United Nations signifies Saturday, November 24, as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, it highlights a distressing fact: a significant portion of violence against women is inflicted by current or former partners.

Over 640 million women aged 15 and older have faced partner violence. Alarmingly, 43 per cent of female homicide victims globally are killed in gender violence incidents, a trend which has particularly risen in Europe.

This global context reinforces the urgency and importance of Spain’s continued efforts against gender violence. The experience of Spain shows that progress is possible, but the journey towards a violence-free world for women and girls is far from over.

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