Greta Thunberg: The New UN Ambassador For Climate Change?

Thunberg Put Forward As UN Ambassador

Stock image of Greta Thunberg. Credit: Liv Oeian/

Is it time for change at the UN? A recent petition has stirred global attention, calling for Greta Thunberg’s appointment as the UN Ambassador for Climate Action.

Love her or loathe her, you can’t ignore her, she’s instantly recognisable and everyone knows where she stands on environmental issues. Greta Thunberg, the 20-year-old Swedish climate activist came to prominence in 2018, when as a schoolgirl she went ‘on strike’ from school to raise awareness of the planet’s climate crisis.

Since then she has become a global icon, a champion for many activists around the world, with the power to muster protests and disruption to get her message across. On the other hand, she’s a frequent thorn in the side of governments and businesses whom she strongly criticises for their perceived inactivity.

A new proposal however which calls for support to make Thunberg the official UN Ambassador for Climate Action has sparked a whirlwind of conflicting opinions, given Greta‘s controversial status in the public eye.

Petition Advocates Thunberg’s Influence

The petition, which is currently gathering momentum, highlights Thunberg’s emergence as a seminal figure in the climate change arena. Her impassioned advocacy and unwavering commitment have garnered a worldwide following.

The petitioners argue that Thunberg’s dynamic leadership has ignited a global movement, making her an ideal choice for this influential role at the UN.

Thunberg’s Global Impact

Despite her youth, Greta Thunberg has become a formidable force in environmental activism. Her voice resonates with millions, urging immediate action to combat the climate crisis. The petitioners emphasize her unique ability to galvanize public opinion and engage world leaders, underscoring her suitability for the position.

Controversy Surrounding Thunberg

While Thunberg’s advocacy has inspired many, it has also attracted criticism. Recently, the world’s perception of her was further polarised when she positioned herself firmly on the side of Gaza in the current Israel-Hamas conflict. This has sparked a broader debate on her potential role at the UN and whether her appointment would be beneficial or counterproductive.

The petition for Greta Thunberg’s appointment as a UN Ambassador for Climate Action has opened a debate on her influence and suitability for the role. Her supporters see her as a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change, while her detractors question her involvement in complex political matters.

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Written by

John Ensor

Originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire, John now lives in Galicia, Northern Spain with his wife Nina. He is passionate about news, music, cycling and animals.


    • Dik Coates

      30 November 2023 • 18:52

      The UN is broken in so many ways, including their approach to the Middle East and Climate Change. It needs a new charter increasing the security council by a factor of five, and no veto powers. They are a toothless tiger. They were originally set up to fail. Canada should withdraw from the UN.

    • Keith

      01 December 2023 • 09:26

      How would she get to all the meetings on her bicycle on time, surely she wouldn’t use a plane, train or car

      • Dik Coates

        01 December 2023 • 20:35

        Maybe the proper way to do that is to use video conferences? No plane travel… Politicians wouldn’t like that because they would have to stay at home and not globetrot the world.

    • Philip

      01 December 2023 • 10:55

      Blah, blah, blah. What a tiresome little girl. A UN ambassador for climate action? Just goes to show how irrelevant the UN is becoming.
      As usual I don’t anticipate you will publish this. Your censorship knows few bounds.

      • John Smith

        01 December 2023 • 11:37

        Philip we publish all comments provided they are relevant, decent, don’t include profanity and are not insulting

        • Philip

          01 December 2023 • 18:37

          Thank you John,

        • Philip

          02 December 2023 • 09:58

          Hi John, my thanks to you and my reply to Mr Little appear to have been deleted or censored, again.

          • John Smith

            02 December 2023 • 14:42

            Hi Philip – actually I read every comment but am not glued to computer 24 hours a day and went out for a meal last night and been shopping today so it has been posted and I’ll be out again tonight as it’s my 45th Wedding Anniversary

            • Philip

              03 December 2023 • 09:53

              Thanks John, congratulations on your anniversary and have a great weekend celebrating. Next month we will beat you by three years and it is difficult to believe anyone could put up with me for so long. No need to post this or reply. All the best.

      • Dik Coates

        01 December 2023 • 20:37

        I agree… they could have prevented Gaza by acting 20 years back… but due to the influence of some superpowers, their hands are tied. They need a new charter so they can do some UN good.

    • John Little

      01 December 2023 • 12:13

      She has my vote. I note the snarky comments above as usual from people who need to get a life, or rather get better informed about life on this planet and what a mess we are making of it. Silent Spring ( Rachel Carson) woke me up and I have tried to do my bit where I can. Its easy to be a grinch, try being positive for once.

      • Philip

        01 December 2023 • 18:51

        Mr Little. I am sorry you feel my comments are snarky but I do feel she is an irrelevance who can only speak from someone’s else’s scripted speech. I have a very balanced, informed and fulfilling life thank you but feel you do need to persuade Russia, China, India and the USA to make rather greater contributions to climate change. I guess you believe solar panels and wind farms will solve all our power requirements. I presume you drive an electric car, cycle or enjoy public transport.

    • Cliff Cairns

      01 December 2023 • 13:34

      She has no idea of what the world was like back in time she complains about our transport, she uses planes cars, and other modern gadgets, which by the way almost all are produced in China. Britain no longer is an industrial country, yes, we were large polluters all our buildings proved that! she wants the rest of the world to go back and live in caves!

    Comments are closed.