5 Ways DocGo Is Leading Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

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Innovative solutions in healthcare are as important as ever, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DocGo, a leading mobile healthcare provider, has emerged as a pioneer in reshaping healthcare delivery through an approach they call proactive healthcare. This article explores five ways in which DocGo – and its medical transportation division Ambulnz –  are helping transform the industry and reshape the future of healthcare delivery.

Bringing Healthcare to Your Doorstep

DocGo goes beyond the conventional telemedicine model by physically bringing healthcare to individuals’ doorsteps. In an era where telehealth has become increasingly popular, DocGo distinguishes itself by dispatching licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and paramedics to patients’ locations. This mobile-first approach ensures that individuals, especially those who are homebound or face challenges leaving their homes, receive care without the need to travel to a clinic or hospital, often helping patients with accessibility issues receive the care they need.

Onsite Treatment With Remote Supervision

DocGo’s approach involves deploying LPNs onsite, offering care under the direct telehealth supervision of a remote Advanced Practice Provider.  This combination of onsite treatment and virtual oversight ensures that patients receive quality healthcare while minimizing the risks associated with unnecessary travel. The use of proprietary technology and electronic health records enhances the efficiency of this approach, providing a seamless experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

Partnerships for Inclusive Care

DocGo’s commitment to accessibility extends beyond homes to diverse care settings. In addition to providing care in patient’s homes, the company sends healthcare professionals to homeless shelters, senior living facilities, and even operates mobile clinics.

This adaptability allows DocGo to meet patients where they are, addressing the unique needs of different populations. Partnerships with organisations such as the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly and the LA Care Health Plan further underscore DocGo’s commitment to serving various demographics, including older residents and Medicaid/Medicare beneficiaries.

Saving Time and Improving Health Outcomes

A significant impact of DocGo’s model is how it saves patients time and money. The company’s on-demand, in-home healthcare model provides a viable alternative to expensive emergency room visits. A DocGo patient survey showed that three-quarters of surveyed patients stated that DocGo helped prevent them from going to an emergency room. Bringing care to patients where they are and keeping them from unnecessary ER visits helps increase healthcare accessibility and reduce the total cost of care.

Embracing a Value-Based Care Model

DocGo envisions a future where healthcare is inclusive and financially accessible for all, establishing value-based care as the standard. According to the National Survey of Accountable Care Organisations, millions of patients benefit from this model, and value-based care has proven to mitigate escalating in healthcare costs.

By pursuing this model, DocGo will be positioned to share the financial risk with payers, whether they be health plans or government entities.  This forward-thinking approach aligns with the evolving landscape of healthcare, shifting from fee-for-service billing toward value-based arrangements that prioritise quality, affordability and successful outcomes.

DocGo’s Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, DocGo is working to help reshape the future of healthcare delivery in the United States. CEO Lee Bienstock emphasises the goal of shifting toward value-based care arrangements, where providers share the risk with payers. This positions DocGo to move beyond traditional fee for service billing and embracing a more comprehensive, patient-centric approach.

DocGo is at the forefront of transforming healthcare accessibility. By adopting a mobile-first approach, providing onsite treatment, catering to diverse care settings, saving time and money for patients, and embracing value-based care, DocGo is helping redefine the way healthcare is delivered.


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