Warning Over Left-Over Christmas Booze

Dispose Of Left-Over Drinks responsibly

Cream-based liqueurs. Credit: Erhan Inga/Shutterstock.com

AS the festive season rapidly becomes a distant memory, have you thought about what is left of any celebration drinks still left on the shelf, and could they pose an unexpected risk?

The unusual warning is particularly relevant for those participating in Dry January, who might consider discarding leftover drinks.

Recently, specialists issued a critical alert regarding the disposal of cream-based liqueurs such as Baileys, which are commonly found in households long after the Christmas trimmings have been taken down, for reasons that one might not at first suspect.

Disposal Warning For Cream Liqueurs

Cream liqueurs, renowned for their role in holiday festivities, present a hidden danger when disposed of incorrectly. These beverages, while enjoyable to consume, have a limited shelf life and often find their way down kitchen sinks.

However, building experts caution against this practice, highlighting the high fat content in such drinks. This places them in the FOG (Fats, Oils, and Greases) category, substances notorious for causing plumbing issues.

The Risk To Plumbing

The specific consistency of drinks like Baileys poses a risk similar to that of hot cooking fats and oils, known for causing blockages, particularly in the sink’s U-bend. This can lead to significant plumbing issues.

The professionals at MyBuilder.com emphasize the need for proper disposal to avoid such complications. Rather than pouring leftovers down the sink. they suggest an alternative method: emptying any cream-base drinks into a sealed container before discarding it in the bin.

A Longer Shelf Life Than Expected

Despite containing cream, Baileys and similar cream liqueurs boast an impressively long shelf life. Once opened, they remain drinkable for approximately six months. Therefore, those abstaining from alcohol in January can safely enjoy their festive beverages come February.

Opting for a more responsible disposal method not only safeguards your pipes but also allows for the enjoyment of these beverages well beyond the holiday season.

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