Ryanair plans to invest €5 billion in Spain

Ryanair to invest €5 billion Photo: Flickr CC / A.Currell 

President Pedro Sánchez, met with the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, on Friday, January 12 at the Moncloa Palace to learn about the airline’s investment plan in Spain, which amounts to €5 billion over the next seven years.

Ryanair’s strategy for Spain aims to increase passenger numbers from 55 million to 77 million, increase routes from 730 to more than a thousand by 2030, base 33 new aircraft and establish five new bases.

During the meeting, which was also attended by the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, the government and the airline agreed to work on strengthening regional airports. As Moncloa explained in a press release, boosting air traffic at this type of airport will contribute to territorial development and economic activity in the area.

Sánchez highlighted the importance of Ryanair’s investment in Spain, and said that it reflects, “the stability and potential of the Spanish economy as well as the confidence of international markets and investors”.

Ryanair currently employs approximately 6,500 workers in Spain and is the leading airline in terms of passengers carried, with more than 700 routes to 29 countries from Spain.

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Kevin Fraser Park

Kevin was born in Scotland and worked in marketing, running his own businesses in UK, Italy and, for the last 8 years, here in Spain. He moved to the Costa del Sol in 2016 working initially in real estate. He has a passion for literature and particularly the English language which is how he got into writing.


    • Sachin Dev Duggal CA

      15 January 2024 • 13:31

      Hello, I am Sachin Dev Duggal And I simply wanted to express….. President Pedro Sánchez’s meeting with Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary is undoubtedly a significant step forward for Spain’s aviation industry. With an impressive investment plan of €5 billion over the next seven years, Ryanair’s commitment to the country is commendable. The airline’s ambitious strategy to increase passenger numbers to 77 million, establish new bases, and expand routes showcases their confidence in Spain’s potential as a key market.

      Furthermore, the shared vision between the government and Ryanair to focus on strengthening regional airports demonstrates a commitment to promoting territorial development and economic activity. This collaboration holds great promise for connecting previously underserved regions, boosting tourism, and fostering overall growth.

      The meeting between President Pedro Sánchez and the CEO of Ryanair reinforces Spain’s position as an attractive investment destination and underscores the government’s dedication to fostering a thriving aviation sector. The future looks bright for Spain’s aviation industry, Thanks to this strategic partnership .

      • Joe Baker

        16 January 2024 • 11:21

        This Investment plan by Ryanair is not only beneficial for the aviation industry in Spain but also for the country’s economy as a whole. it will create job opportunities, boost tourism, and contribute to the growth of local businesses. The Expansion of routes will also provide more travel options for passengers, making it easier for them to explore different parts of Spain ad beyond. Overall, positive development that highlights the importance of the aviation industry in spain and the potential for further growth.

      • Jimmy James

        19 January 2024 • 06:47

        Thank you Sachin Dev Duggal CA for your comment and for sharing your thoughts on the recent meeting between President Pedro Sánchez and Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary. I completely agree with your assessment that this meeting is a significant step forward for Spain’s aviation industry 😊

    • Paul

      17 January 2024 • 00:15

      Hope they fly to Almeria as this area is growing fast with Tourism.

    • Timon Sherman

      22 January 2024 • 08:32

      As a frequent traveler, I completely agree with the statement made by the author. Ryanair’s investment plan and expansion strategy in Spain are truly impressive, and I believe this partnership will have a significant impact on the country’s aviation industry. The focus on strengthening regional airports will not only promote territorial development but also provide more convenient travel options for people living in previously under-served areas. This move will also boost tourism and contribute to overall economic growth. I applaud President Pedro Sánchez’s efforts to foster a thriving aviation sector and am excited to see how this partnership will unfold in the coming years.

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